0perations to liberate Hodeida were made on Yemen’s legitimate government request: Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi

Islamabad: Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi, the ambassador of United Arab Emirates to Pakistan said the intervention of Arab Coalition in Yemen and the ongoing operations around Hodeida port area, are based on the request of the legitimate Yemeni government and in compliance with all relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

Hamad Obaid Al Zaabi said Houthi militias had exploited Hadeida port to prolong the war and the suffering of the Yemeni people by using the port to smuggle alleged Iranian supplied arms and ballistic missiles into the country to target Saudi cities including Haram Sharif in the two Holy cities of Makah and Madinatul Munawwarah, and misusing the port’s revenues to enhance their ongoing brutal militancy campaign.

UAE envoy in a statement affirmed that Arab Coalition operations to liberate Hodeida were aimed at allowing Yemen’s legitimate government to restore security and stability to the strategic port, and to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country, and to break the deadlock in the political process.

Al Zaabi said Houthi’s mismanagement of the port and seizure of humanitarian supplies had a catastrophic impact on the humanitarian situation in Yemen. He said in light of the Houthis failure to accept a political solution, and their repeated refusal to UN Envoy’s proposals to hand over the port, the Arab Coalition had no option but to pursue a military solution in order to protect innocent Yemeni civilians and to ensure a safe passage of aid shipments.

Hamad Al Zaabi assured that the Arab Coailition remains committed to working with the international community to ensure that the port’s liberation will have an immediate impact on increasing the volume of much needed humanitarian aid to the country. He stated that the Hodeida port remains open to shipping and besides the Coalition aid which exceeded US$14 billion to Yemen, it will continue to work with aid agencies on the ground.

The Ambassador added that the Arab Coalition had notified the United Nations, and other NGOs of its planned actions and had ensured the safe passage of their staff from Hodeida ahead of time, as the Coalition successfully implemented similar large-scale operations when it liberated Aden, Mukalla and Mocha which led to a considerable improvement in the lives of their people.

He said Hodeida’s liberation would serve to alleviate the needs of the Yemeni people and provide new momentum for finding a long term solution to the crisis.

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