18 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack in Farah Province

Lashkar Gah: 18 Afghan soldiers and members of the special forces have been killed in fighting in the western province of Farah, after the Taliban fighters attacked the troops assembled to prepare an attack in Bala Buluk district in the night, on Saturday.

Defence Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said four members of the special forces had been killed and a number wounded, but the head of the local provincial council, Farid Bakhtawar, said the death toll had reached at least 18. As the fighting went on, an air strike was called in which killed around 25 militants, he said.

In a message posted on Twitter, a Taliban spokesman claimed 53 commandos had been killed or wounded after arriving in Tapa Sadat, close to the Bala Buluk district centre, and a sizeable quantity of weapons seized.

The US and Afghan officials say the Taliban have been under increasingly heavy pressure from air strikes and army operations but the militants have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to inflict severe damage on Afghan security forces.

The incident was the latest in a series to have hit Farah province, between the border with Iran and the Taliban heartland of Helmand province, source of much of Afghanistan’s opium crop. It came ahead of an expected increase in fighting with the end of winter and the approach of spring.

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