Banned Groups

At domestic level the successive governments of Pakistan over the past several years have taken a number of initiatives to root out militancy and militant groups who had wreaked havoc in the country. Operation Zarb-e-Azb proved highly instrumental that broke the backbone of dreaded terrorist outfits like Tehreek-e-Taliban and other militant organizations aided and abetted by foreign agencies. As a result, security situation in the country has improved to a great extent.
Operation Radd-ul-Fassad is still under way in many parts of the country to eliminate remnants of these mischievous insurgent groups. Besides launching full fledged offensive against the miscreants a number of initiatives have been taken under the National Action Plan to rid the nation of this menace.

Under the NAP massive crackdown was launched against banned outfits and scores of dreaded militants have been arrested and sent to gallows. Pakistan, as a matter of fact, is the first country amongst the community of nations that has shown unprecedented will and resilience to fight the much controversial war against terror despite facing huge losses of worth billions of dollars to its economy.

It goes without saying that being a frontline ally in war against terror Pakistani State became worst victim of terrorism after 9/11 episode. During years’ long battle Pakistan army played a crucial role but instead of appreciating its role and contribution international community has always raised doubt on Pakistan’s role. Particularly the US administrations right from Junior Bush to J D Trump used “do more mantra” as a stick to coerce Pakistani authorities. But the fact remains that Pakistan has paid heavy price in terms of life and property in war against terror. Despite all this Pakistan remained firmly stick to its commitments that it would not allow its land to be used for any kind of terrorist activities within or outside its frontiers. This was actually the spirit behind that ultimately led to the formation of National Action Plan. Unfortunately the NAP has faced certain hiccups earlier but following the BRICS’ nations ‘security concerns’ over the presence of alleged “militant groups” within Pakistan, implementation of the NAP in letter and spirit has become a dire need of the hour.

Regardless of what others say, it is high time that people at the helm of affairs should rethink and revisit their wisdom and evolve a comprehensive policy to tackle the issue at the earliest.The existence of just a handful banned outfits within the precincts of country is not the only security concern but those groups operating from Afghanistan pose a serious threat to Pakistan and the region. Pakistan foreign office spokesman Nafees Zakria has rightly pointed out that the presence of banned outfits operating in ungoverned spaces in Afghanistan is a matter of serious concern for Pakistan. And, therefore, besides adopting a stronger stance against banned groups the government should tell the world the fact that terrorists present in Pakistan have roots in Afghanistan.

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