A glimpse of Sino-African relations

By Aqsa Amin | September 6, 2016 |

China is one of the emerging world economies that try to uplift it day by day. China is not only flourished in Asian continent but also reaching towards other continents to create its influence in other regions of the world. China’s focus is on economy and it tries to impede its rival through economic uplift. China is using soft power to counter its opponents and elevate its influence over the globe.

The expanding range of China’s economic interactions has provoked the most recent attention to China as an emerging superpower. Zhu Haibin, a senior Chinese economist said, “It’s probably the biggest event in the global economy in the past few years, that China has surpassed Japan to become the second biggest economy. The market widely expected that in 10 or 15 years, that China will also surpass US to become the biggest economy in the world. Right now there are a lot of concerns about China’s economy, whether China will have a soft landing or hard landing. That’s basically because China is now the biggest growth engine for the world economy.”

China consistently upholds the banner of peace, development and cooperation, pursues, as always, an independent foreign policy of peace, and persists with the development of friendly relations with other countries on the basis of the Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. The achievements of China in the diplomatic field are recognized by the world. China’s friendship and cooperation with other countries has advanced in an all-round way.

China is by no means a neophyte to Africa, and its “checkbook diplomacy” has existed for decades on the continent.  Relations between China and African countries have been long lasting and bestowed with the solid foundations. The difference in its current policy from past is the increase in trade and investment rather than aid alone. China’s engagement with the continent is helping the African continent to take part into the global economy.  In addition, China is supplying considerable requisite infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges, railway system, and enhancing intra-African trade.  And, while the majority of Chinese investments there remain in natural resource extraction, about twenty five percent is now in the manufacturing sector, and private sector investments are also on the rise.

China’s interest in Africa is a part of a recently more active international strategy based on multi polarity and non-intervention. Increased aid, debt revocation, and a boom in Chinese-African trade, with a strategic Chinese focus on oil, have proven mutually advantageous for China and African states. Through proposing aid without prerequisites, China has presented smart alternative to restrictive Western aid, and gained diplomatic support to defend its international interests and policy.

China’s engagement in continent opens the door of international economy for the Africa and this Dark Continent got the attention of international community and developmental corporation. The establishment of China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC), China and African states for collective consultation and dialogue is also an attempt to uplift the Sino-African relations. China has also established a permanent mission to the African Union, the mission will enable China to better coordinate its major projects on the continent and enhance its diplomatic activities.

Sino-African partnership not only beneficial for China but it also helps Africa to boost its economy and opens the doors of progress and development to the African Continent. China-African cooperation is aimed at maintaining and boosting both sides’ interests, and conforms to the global trends.

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