About Us

  • The Fortress is an Independent (Daily Online) News and Research-based Network which is working to promote Peace & Interfaith and Harmony and Diplomatic Relations

  • Our prime goal is to highlight the diplomatic relations of Pakistan with the rest of the World. To achieve this, we also publish (Monthly News Magazine) which covers the activities and developments between Pakistan and other nations. We publish articles and Research Papers in this regard.
  • Through our network, we strive to discourage all sorts of violence and promote Interfaith Harmony among all Faithsto achieve the ultimate goal of Peace.
  • We cover the contributions of International Organizations including the United Nations which are working to reduce poverty, promoting health and education facilities among the deprived segments of society across Pakistan.
  • We also cover the development in Afghanistan and Kashmir to highlights the efforts of Peace Building in South Asia.
  • Any contribution and suggestions in this regard will be appreciatedyou can send us your News and Views here: thefortressnews@gmail.com


  • Arif Qureshi
  • Chief Editor
  • The Fortress (Daily Online & Monthly News Magazine)