Adhering to constitutional demands key to dissolution of PTM: Former FATA Senator

Rehmat Mehsud

Islamabad: The government and quarters’ concerned need to engage young leaders of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), and discard if their demands are illegitimate or unconstitutional, suggesting settlement of their lawful demands will dissolve the movement, former senator and influential religious figure from FATA said.

Maulana Saleh Shah, former Senator from South Waziristan who served twice as member of the upper house of parliament, in his telephonic conversation told he is sure the PTM leaders would disperse peacefully if their demands are met in the light of constitution.

“Unlike other tribal elders, Manzoor Pashteen told me that he neither wants any development project nor school nor hospital but he wants his legitimate issues be resolved,” Shah added.

He said the PTM leaders have no anti-state intentions but they have their grievances during the ten year long war on terror in which they experienced untold miseries amid displacement from their homes for years.

Unfortunately, he recalled that millions of people faced with hardships amid mass exodus following military operation against terrorists in FATA.

“The tribal people had lost their vegetables and fruits orchards and their houses in the war against terror. Now, the government is giving Rs. 400,000 to each family for a fully damaged home which is simply a joke with the sacrifices rendered by tribal families,” Shah noted.

He suggested FATA lawmakers should be engaged to hold negotiations with Manzoor Pashteen and other leaders of the movement to find a negotiated solution to the issue. Efforts should be made to quell the current showdown to ensure peace and stability in the country, he stressed.

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