AJK PM urges EU parliamentarians to send fact finding missions to Kashmir

Islamabad: Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Urged EU Parliaments to send fact finding missions to Kashmir to take stock the human rights violation in Indian controlled Kashmir. The AJK Prime Minister said this while talking to a delegation of British parliamentarians who called on him here on Wednesday. He said that plebiscite in Kashmir was to be held on the basis of Partition Plan whereby it [Kashmir] would have definitely become a part of Pakistan. Citing the historical background of Kashmir dispute he said that Kashmir has never been a part of Indian union. Terming Kashmir as a natural part of Pakistan he said, “Pakistan is our ultimate goal and the people of Kashmir have attached their future with the State of Pakistan”.

He said that Kashmiris had taken this decision much before India and Pakistan emerged as two sovereign states. “Even today Kashmiris in Indian held Kashmir bury their martyrs in Pakistani flags”, he said adding that Pakistan being the sole defender and campaigner of Kashmiris’ right to self determination has been championing their cause at international level. He said that India has been utilizing all its resources to subjugate Kashmiris’ freedom struggle. The UN Security Council he said had granted Kashmiris the right to decide their political future on the basis of globally accepted principle of right to self-determination. When puppet Assembly of IHK adopted a resolution regarding the State’s accession to India he said that the resolution was fairly and squarely turned down by the Security Council saying that the assembly has no authority to decide the matter.

Regarding the resolution of Kashmir the AJK PM told the visiting delegation if a referendum could be held in East Timor and South Sudan to provide fundamental rights to the people, then there is no justification for denying the same rights to the people of Kashmir. He said that Pakistan believes that the issue of Kashmir should be settled in line with the UN resolutions and in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people. To the contrary he said that India keep harping on the age-old mantra of “Atot-Ang”, which he said was rejected by the people of Kashmir. Referring to Alister Lamb’s book “Kashmir a Disputed Legacy, he said that the eminent writer in his book had made it clear that the Indian claim was absolutely bogus.

While briefing on LOC situation, Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider said that the peaceful mass uprising against India in Held Kashmir has baffled Indian government and its security establishment. In order to deflect world attention away from the situation in Kashmir he said that Indian army was now targeting civilian population across the line of control. He said that besides targeting civilian population the Indian army has targeted schools, passenger vans and even Ambulances were not spared.

Regarding the Modi government’s anti-Muslim policies he said that not only Muslims were under attack in India but other minorities were also under severe threat. He said that it was high time that international community should play its much needed role to settle the dispute of Kashmir peacefully. He said that UK and European Union must send their fact finding missions in held Kashmir to asses the on ground situation in the region.

Besides British Parliamentarian Mr. Andrew Guwany, the delegation comprised of Wajid Khan Member parliament, Asim Rashid Councilor and Raja Najabat Hussain, whereas Deputy Speaker Farooq Tahir, Minister fo finance and health AJK Dr. Najeeb Naqi, Minister for education Barrister Iftikhar Gillani, MLA sehrish Qamar ,Fida Kiani and other office bearers of PM secretariat were also present in the m


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