Albasirah Trust Seminar Voices Against Sectarianism

By Arif Qoreshi

Peshawar: Speakers claimed that the Unite States had admitted its defeat by announcing withdrawal from Afghanistan in the recent NATO summit in Chicago and if the Muslims got united nobody in the world would dare to target them. They argued that the US and its allies were the real terrorists who after suffering a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan wanted to create differences among the Muslims by fanning sectarian clashes in Pakistan. Speakers condemned the US drone strikes, saying that the attacks were aimed at provoking the people of the tribal areas against their own security forces. Speakers at a conference stressed the need for unity among Muslims sects  to foil the designs of the western forces.

The seminar titled “Muslim World: A Hope For Bright Future” was organized by Al-Basirah Trust. Former chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Lt Gen (r) Hameed Gul, ,leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Abul Khair Zubair, Al-Baseera Chairman Saqib Akbar and others spoke at the conference.

But Former ISI Chief Journal Hamid Gul differed with others saying that, we cannot ignore and deny the difference among the Muslims across the world but there is only one solution that we will have to put aside all these things if we wanted to unite the Muslims.

Former head of the ISI and defense analyst retired Lieutenant General Hameed Gul also claimed that there are numerous  black water agents are wandering in Pakistan and they are trying to bow the seeds of hate among us. so we will have to understand the conspiracy.

Former Chief of Jamaat-E-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, asked the rulers not to restore NATO supply routes to the occupied  forces in Afghanistan. “The resumption of the Nato supply routes will create unrest in the country as the people will not allow the Nato containers to pass through their areas,” he maintained.

Shia Ulema Council Leader Allama Sajid Ali  Naqvi said that there are not big differences  among the Muslim but there is a conspiracy of united states and west who do  not wanted to see Muslim united.

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