Altaf Bhat says Pakistan should terminate Shimla agreement in response to Articles 370 and 35A

Islamabad: Senior Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat asserted that Pakistan should terminate Shimla agreement in response to Articles 370 and 35A. If the talks do not work out, then we should consider taking Kashmir by power. Bhat said that a Kashmir committee comprised of Kashmir leadership, Kashmir diplomats, retired Generals and journalists should be formed, which will inform the world about the real situation of the freedom movement. He was speaking at the occasion of the interactive session of President Tehreek e Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani with the editors of the newspaper, columnists and senior journalists.

Raja Fahim Kayani, president of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, said that in 70 years of the Freedom movement, people did not take to the streets as Kashmiris and other nations reacted concerning August 5, 2019, and It seemed that India occupied Kashmir on August 5, whereas from the 14th of August to the morning of August 15th, over 40,000 Kashmiri people in the United Kingdom, have given the message that Kashmiris want only freedom from India.
While the Indian Embassy issued a high alert for fear of this action, the sentiment and commitment we saw in the people were never before, but because of that sentiment and commitment of Kashmiri People in UK Modi spoke to top British higher authorities that your land is being sued for this purpose. All the international media also covered this story.

Emphasizing on the role of Media Bhat said that, A pearl of new wisdom is needed on the media front, and these frontiers are not only limited to the internal level, but we also have to link ourselves to the global media. Bhat further said that India tried to destroy the economy of Kashmir, snatch the future of Kashmiri children, destroy future of Kashmir: Education from Students, and destroying the Tourism, fruit, and handicraft industry to paralyze the region for Freedom Movement.

Raja Fahim Kayani said that the downfall of India has begun. Now, like occupied Kashmir, there are slogans of freedom in India. Dalits have also chanted Kashmir independence during protests in London. India refuses to allow British Member of Parliament Debbie Abrahams to enter India after arriving at Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, who strongly criticized India’s anti-Kashmir policies. Labor Party Member Debbie Abraham, who is also the head of the Kashmir parliamentary group in the British Parliament, arrived at the New Delhi airport from Dubai and was treated inhumanly by Indian authorities at the airport. Debbie Abraham recounted the incident at the airport, saying that when he gave his documents to the immigration counter, the officer there looked at his computer screen and started moving head in denial, after which she was told that her visa was cancelled, then transferred to the departing passenger’s cell, the Indian officer’s attitude with me was very aggressive.

Bhat suggested that, we have to build a team of current and former diplomats on the diplomatic front that has the support of the government and the foreign ministry, and they play an effective role in raising public opinion in the world. The team should be sent to countries that understand the sensitivity of the problem. Altaf Ahmed Bhat further added that, We have to create a think tank that challenges the Indian statement in the context of Kashmir around the world and offers an alternative statement that will help in resolving the Kashmir issue. We need consensus in the context of Kashmir policy.

The reception was attended by Afzal Butt, Rana Athar, senior journalist Tariq Chaudhry, senior journalist Aqeel Ahmed Tareen, senior journalist and analyst Tazeen Akhtar, famous scholar Dr Murtaza Mughal, Anchor Ali Raza Alawi, Malik Fada Rahman, Columnist Aslam Khan, Saqib Ayub, Arif Qureshi, Asif Khurshid, Senior Journalist Beg Raj, Columnist Shamshad Mangat, Ghulam Mohiuddin Dar, Raja Bashir Osmani, Aslam Mir, prominent journalist and editor Mushtaq Ahmed Askari, Mohammad Shafiq Butt, leader of Tehreek e Kashmir UK Luqman Ahmad Mir, and a large number of Senior columnists and Journalists participated.

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