Are we a failed nation or we are failing?

By Usama Shehzad

Are we a failed nation or we are failing? There is a big difference between the word failing and failed. Questions arise while talking about the ongoing situation of Pakistan. Pakistan is the country that is bounded between the prison of its history and its geography. These are the two main reasons why we are failing and this basically is acting as a biggest hindrance on its way towards success. One of the biggest failures of Pakistan is the failure of its foreign policy towards its neighbours. As it is said that for the success of the country it must have good relation with neighbours and this is what Pakistan is lacking.

Pakistan has four neighbours that are India, China, Afghanistan and Iran. And other then china Pakistan doesn’t have that much good relation will rest. While if we talk about the major powers, Pakistan has been aliened with USA from past 60 years yet USA is not satisfied with the Pakistan. USA is not satisfied with the policy of Pakistan towards the ongoing war of terrorism. That’s the reason they keep asking DO MORE to Pakistan as it has been clearly said by Trump on the New Year day. If Pakistan is giving its 100% then why the world is not satisfied with Pakistan. If we talk about history after the partition we started staggering just because of our weak policies whether they are foreign or domestic.

Then we fought three wars with India and yet the issue hasn’t been resolved between both the countries. Then we involved our self in the so called afghan jihad war that was more like American jihad war against Soviet Union that was basically the point from where we started dragging our self into the war of terror. And the result is in front of us. According to an estimate Pakistan lost almost 50,000 lives in this war of terror. There is a statement that is raised by someone that the war on terror is itself a terrorism because of number of innocent people have been killed without any reason in this war. Another reason due to which we are considered as nation that is failing is its political instability. Pakistan never had a good leadership after Quaid-e-Azam M Ali Jinnah. After his death Pakistan there was a beginning of unsuccessful civil military relation. And yet there relation is not that much strong. Dictatorship arrived in Pakistan for several time.

Ayub khan, Yahya khan, Zia ul Haq and Musharraf were the dictator who forcefully took over the control of Pakistan just because of the political instability. Pakistan is known as the democratic country but to be very fair it is more like a country that faced dictatorship more than democracy. Another reason is that in our parliament personal issues regarding politician get discussed more than the domestic issues and issue regarding its foreign policy. For example if we talk about the current situation like in last 2,3 year from till now issues like Panama, disqualification of ministers, ousting of prime minister has been discussed allot in the parliament where as parliament is meant to solve the problems of its people.

The biggest reason behind this is the leg pulling that no opposition want the sitting government to work properly because they will allow them to do so there is a chance that they will get the favour of public and will probably win the next election. It is the duty of every politician is to work for the interest of the nation rather than their own interest. They have to work together to make this country great again, the country that was created after many hardships, Millions of people died for this motherland. It is not necessary that the one who is wearing uniform is the patriot and he can only be loyal to his country just because he is fighting at the border. We all can be patriot but for that we have to be loyal with our work, whether he is a fruit seller or he is a businessman if we are loyal to our job means we a contributing our part in building this nation. This is what that can stop us from failure. And it’s the job of this generation to start contributing there part in making Pakistan a great country.

Usama shehzad is a student of international relations at National Defense University Islamabad, he can be reached at

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