Armenia’s failure to export mine maps to Azerbaijan is a threat to civilians and peace.


By: Fuad Huseynzade

At present, conflicts are taking place in many regions of the Earth. As a result, civilians are injured, killed, damage to residential and service facilities. Unfortunately, Armenia continues to murder civilians in Azerbaijan. At the same time, civil Azerbaijanis become victims of mines when they fulfill their duties. On the morning of June 4, 2021, a vehicle carrying members of the film crew hit an anti-tank mine on the road in Susuzlug village of Kalbajar region. As a result of the explosion, two members of the film crew, operator of Azerbaijan Television Siraj Abishov and correspondent of the Azerbaijan State News Agency Maharram Ibrahimov, as well as representative of the district executive power Arif Aliyev were killed and four people were injured. Armenia has once again proved its attitude to the norms of international law with its aggressive policy and anti-homoist actions.

Armenia rudely violates the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols, resolutions and resolutions of the UN Security Council. All this happens on the direct instruction of the military-political leadership of the aggressive Armenia, which continues its terrorist actions against the peaceful population.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry has said the Armenian Armed Forces continue to violate the ceasefire regime: “This incident in Kalbajar once again shows that the mines in this area were deliberately planted by Armenia during the forced withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan after the counter-offensive operations. The aim is to do as much damage as possible to Azerbaijan and create additional obstacles for the civilian population returning to their homes.

We remind that a group of the armed forces of Armenia was detained while entering the territory of Azerbaijan in the direction of Kalbajar and committing provocation aimed at planting landmines in the roads of the area. This once again verifies that Armenia continues to pose a serious threat to the lives and security of both military and civilians, and as such, serves to aggravate the situation in the region. This behavior of Armenia continues to be a major hindrance to accomplishment of peace, security and cooperation in the region.

Armenia bears all the responsibilities for the civilian Azerbaijanis becoming the victims of landmines while performing their duties.

We call on the international community not to turn a blind eye to Armenia’s gross violation of its international obligations, including the policy of deliberately planting landmines, as well as to demand that Armenia fulfil its obligations under international law.

For its part, Azerbaijan will take all appropriate, including legal measures, to ensure peace and security”.

The memory of the journalists who died on June 4 – AZERTAC correspondent Maharram Ibrahimov and AzTV operator Siraj Abishov – is honored. Representatives of the Azerbaijani media and the country’s public visit the memorial corner near the Alley of Martyrs and lay flowers in front of it.

AZERTAC appeals to international and regional member organizations:“AZERTAC calls on the leaders of the world media, international and regional media organizations to vehemently condemn Armenia’s ongoing provocations and raise their voices in protest. This is not only an attack on the lives of civilians, but also an open act of terrorism against free speech and the activities of journalists. We hope that the world media and international media organizations will not remain indifferent to this.

We recall that reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the Armenian armed forces have recently been trying to implement acts of sabotage on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, including Kalbajar district, by crossing deep into Azerbaijani territory. According to initial reports, the journalists were hit by a landmine that was planted by the saboteurs. What happened is further evidence of the tragic consequences of Armenia’s continuing attempts to sabotage and mine roads in Azerbaijani territory.

Different types of mines and other booby traps planted by Armenia have already killed or injured more than 120 people in the seven months since the end of the war.

Distinguished colleagues, we once again call on you to condemn Armenia’s actions, which run counter to the norms of international law, the fact that media workers and civilians are becoming victims of terrorism while performing their official duties, and to show journalistic solidarity.”

AzTV chairman Rovshan Mammadov said at an event to commemorate the journalists killed by a landmine today: “This incident showed the Armenian barbarism. It was a terrorist attack not only against journalists, but also against people, world journalism and freedom of speech. ”

Mammadov said that journalists-AZ TV channel operator Siraj Abishov and AZERTAC news agency employee Maharram Ibrahimov tried to convey Armenian barbarism to the world: “The Next Address was the village of Kalbajar’s thirst. Unfortunately, on the way the bus fell into the mine against the tank. Three of our compatriots were killed. Two of them are colleagues, while the other four were seriously injured.

“I demand that organizations defending journalist rights in the world remain silent. This event should be covered by leading media channels around the world. This is evidence of the Armenian invasion of the mine at every step in Kelbajar. It is the blood of the people who died because the Armenians did not give the buried mine maps.”

It is no coincidence that Armenia has taken the civilian population. This, Armenians once again demonstrated their historical and traditional aggression to the world. The presence of peace and justice, the establishment of peaceful and inclusive societies for Sustainable Development and access to justice for all is an important factor. Armenia has massively polluted the liberated territories of Azerbaijan with mines and dangerous ammunition, devastated settlements, villages and cities and wiped them out from the Earth. Armenia’s failure to export mine maps to Azerbaijan is a threat to civilians and peace.

Today, the world is calling on the international organizations to ensure that the Azerbaijanis do not export the mine maps of Armenia to Azerbaijan. Because Armenia, once again, rudely violates the principles of civil and humanitarian law and prevents the stability and development of the region. The purpose of the Azerbaijani state is to ensure peace and stability in the region.

In the memory of the journalists who died on June 4 – AZERTAC correspondent Maharram Ibrahimov and AzTV operator Siraj Abishov.

Writer is Chairman of the public union of Journalists ‘ support to Diaspora activities.


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