Armenia’s Vandalism on National and Universal Values

By: Fuad Huseynzade

“The Armenians destroyed all our cities, all our historical monuments, plowed the cemeteries, razed the graves, built more than 60 mosques and kept cows and pigs in semi-collapsed mosques”

 In the second Karabakh War, Azerbaijan liberated its lands from Armenian occupation and restored historical justice. The Armenian armed units shattered ceasefire with Azerbaijan a total of 11 times throughout the day, Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said. Thus, Armenia has attacked mosques, moqdddas, historical and cultural monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan for about 30 years. In particular, the destruction and insulting of holy places, monuments and visitors by Armenia is a manifestation of barbarism against the values of the world along with the Islamic world. The biggest disrespect Armenia made to human values was the destruction of cemeteries and the digging of graves and carrying human bones. Many even used tombstones as stairs, floors.

President Ilham Aliyev also spoke about this at the informal summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking states held in videoconference format: “Armenians destroyed all our cities, all our historical monuments, plowed cemeteries, buried graves, more than 60 mosques and kept cows and pigs in semi-broken mosques. This is an insult, a crime against the entire Muslim world, and the whole world already sees and must see it. We have carried out our historical mission and destroyed Armenian fascism.”

In all the regions liberated from the occupation, burial places were destroyed by the enemy. In February 2021, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan visited the cemetery in the liberated Jabrayil region surrounded by Armenians. French photographer Rezaotiati informed foreign diplomats and military attache about the situation in the cemetery in Jabrail. He stressed that the Armenians destroyed all the graves “ ” the Armenians dug all the graves in the cemetery with an excavator and searched for gold. I think that this is a crime against humanity and humanity. I was here during the first Karabakh War. But all that I see now is terrifying me. Because I have been in many military conflict zones and have never seen such a terrible picture anywhere.”

Reza Deqati noted that he was in Kelbajar a while ago and saw thousands of trees cut there: “they cut them, and they destroyed what they could not do. This is an ecological tragedy.”

It should be noted that, according to the instructions of President Ilham Aliyev, ambassadors, military attache and heads of international organizations ‘ representative offices in Azerbaijan are organized visits to the territories liberated from Armenian occupation. The aim is to demonstrate Armenian vandalism in these territories to foreign diplomats. During such visits, diplomatic corps representatives look at cemeteries in the liberated regions and mosques, houses of worship and other areas exposed to Armenian violence. The diplomats who witnessed the Armenian barbarism are horrified.

The Ministry of culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan is monitoring monuments and cultural monuments in the liberated territories. It is regretfully noted in the information of the ministry that mosques, madrasasahs, bridges, temples were not only built in the liberated territories, but also used in many cases in a way incompatible with their purpose and the national and spiritual values of our people were attacked: “here, in Fuzuli district, Haji Alakbar mosque, Dadali, Merdinli, Kecegözlu, Yukhari Veysalli village mosques, two mosques in Horadiz village, Suleyman village mosques, zangilan City mosque in zangilan district, Malatkeşin and zangilan village mosques should be especially mentioned.

Four tombs of the XIX century, including the Tomb of Uğurlu Bey, which is a monument of local architecture located in the garaagaj cemetery, have been completely destroyed.

It was determined that the tombs of Panahali Khan (XIX century) and Mehdigulu Khan located in Aghdam City were destroyed and the occupied Armenia caused serious damage to the monuments. The Tomb of ibrahimxalil Khan (XIX century) was completely destroyed.

Examples of the real cultural heritage most frequently seen by the Armenian armed forces were Islamic religious monuments, i.e. mosques, tombs and other places of faith. The Republic of Armenia has demonstrated its hatred against Azerbaijanis who keep pets, including pigs in mosques belonging to our people. Such an attitude to the rich cultural heritage, including unique monuments located in the occupied territories, is a threat to World Heritage.

The fact that religious places of worship and the use of pigs as a place of storage are a clear example of Armenian vandalism and the attitude to the cultural heritage of the world and the world on the example of these monuments should cause condemnation of international organizations and foreign states. This reflects the attitude of the Republic of Armenia to other religions and its true appearance.”

The Armenians also committed such immorality in the alley of martyrs in Aghdam. They buried the graves in the alley of martyrs, including the grave of the national hero of Azerbaijan, martyr Allahverdi Bagirov (1946-1992).

It should be remembered that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has started a project on restoration of religious monuments and mosques in the territory of Garabagh, which is the national wealth of the Azerbaijani people. Within the framework of the project, with the participation of local and foreign specialists, restoration, maintenance and reconstruction of our visitors in the region is carried out. During the years of occupation, relevant work has already begun on restoration of religious places of worship in Shusha and Aghdam.

Unfortunately, pro-Armenian circles remain silent about Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani lands and destruction of all infrastructure and historical, religious and cultural monuments. There is not a single safe house and cemetery left in the occupied territories.

The Armenian leadership and its patrons have kept this vandalism closed for many years. Representatives of international organizations making illegal visits to these territories of Azerbaijan also concealed these facts during the occupation. With the victory in the 44-Day War of Vetan, Azerbaijan showed the world these plunders and atrocities of Armenia. In accordance with the instructions set forth by President Ilham Aliyev, the concept of restoration and development of liberated lands has already been developed. Consistent, planned and purposefully large-scale construction and construction work will be carried out in all our territories liberated from occupation. After that, our civilians will be able to return to their native lands, which they have longed for more than 30 years.

Soon, Pakistani companies will join the process of restoration of the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. Pakistan’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Bilal Hayee told about this. He said that during his visit to Islamabad, the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister invited Pakistani companies to the country. We hope that Pakistani companies will come to Azerbaijan to participate in this process in the coming months and years.” Ambassador Bilal Hayee noted that the government and people of Pakistan have always been with Azerbaijan and are ready to provide comprehensive support in the reconstruction of liberated territories and the return of IDPs to their ancestral lands.

Armenians plundered material and national-moral monuments during the occupation and destroyed graves, thus setting a negative example to the world as usual. The world population will recognize and remember Armenians for their inhuman actions in all periods of history.

Writer is Chairman of the public union of Journalists ‘ support to Diaspora activities. Azerbaijan 

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