“Art is energy. As long as there is a world, living, humanity, there will be art too”. Sakit Mamedov

By: Fuad Huseynzade

 Sakit Mamedov: Art is energy. As long as there is a world, living, humanity, there will be art too

 We will talk about one of the World famous painter from Azerbaijan Mr. Sakit Mamedov. Sakit Mamedov is the Azerbaijanian whose name has been devoted stamp and order in Europe. Even his Dede Gorgud painting has been printed on the “Dede Gorgud” money which recently produced in Turkey.  In 2018, the honored artist of Azerbaijan, member of UNESCO and Azerbaijan Artists Union, Ordinary Member  and Honorary Professor of the Academy of European Natural Sciences, the actual member of the World Academy of Arts,  Count of the Heraldic Academy of the Vatican Sakit Mamedov is included into the Encyclopedia of Russia “People of our millennium(Great People)”. Our compatriot was awarded with the “Golden Star” order of Turkey, “Grand Prix” and “Golden Angel” medals of Serbian Royal Academy, Officer’s Cross of the Alliance of the Cavaliers – Knights of the International Maltese Order, Leonardo da Vinci and Spitsberg Medals, Order of “St. George”, “Golden Crown” medal, European Order of Glory, Star of the senator of the International Union of Chivalry, “Big Golden Star” of the Alliance of Knights, “Artist of the year” and “Artist of the planet” awards established by World Academy of Art,  a holder of the title of “Man of the Millennium” and other orders and medals. He is the father of “Opalism” style. Seven catalogues and a book of his works have been published. Mamedov’s works are kept and preserved in well-known museums and private collections.  Sakit Mamedov had exhibitions in different countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Hungary, and so on. His students also participated in several exhibitions in Europe with him.

The main work of the artist is with colours. Have you ever been enchanted by colours?

 Sakit Mamedov: Of course. I have been enchanted by the colours that I cannot escape. If one day I escape this magic, the same day I will feel like my soul leaves my body. If anyone falls into this magic, at that time the world will be completely settled. Then, we will not see the world black and white, but colourful. Even we will see our dreams colourful.

Theoretically, it is said that all colours are derived from white. Is this idea acceptable in art?

 Sakit Mamedov:In fact, black is the essence which of all colours are derived. Because the universe was dark at first. After the light emerged, the man knew that there is also a white one. We call it white relatively black. Maybe there are more white than white. Even the baby came out of the darkness from his mother’s womb into the light. All of my colorful works are born from black and white. Why? From stains. First, I take white linen and then I mark all the stains with coal. Afterwards, it merges into black, red, blue etc. In my mind, I know what form those stains will get. The world consists of two things. Everything in art consists of stains and rhythms in music.A good and a bad artist are determined whether he knows the stains or not.

What are the base of the paintings?

 Sakit Mamedov :Our base should be from the top, not from the bottom. For example, the base of the poet comes from the top. It’s the same in art. I met Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Volynov twice. I was drawing his portrait. I asked him “What did you see on the moon? He didn’t tell me everything he saw. I told him “We fly to cosmos and come back before you. We are also cosmonauts. The main difference between you and us is that you fly to cosmos once or twice a year, but we fly to cosmos spiritually every day.”

Every creative person wants to leave a legacy after him. We know that you have many students. Do you have any idea of forming any school or academy officially?

 Sakit Mamedov: No. But I’m thinking of opening a House of Art which will bring all those talents together. In fact, if God doesn’t give them talent, what is my school needed for? Everything depends on them first. When a child comes in, I observe that there is talent shining in his eyes. That’s why I take talented kids. So what, I don’t have much role there. You cannot teach art, you can learn it. That kid has to learn a bit from me, from him. Everyone has a viewpoint on the universe. How can I force anyone that you have to see this that way? That’s why I understand that a person learns by himself. Art is energy. As long as there is a world, living, humanity, there will be art too.

There is positive energy, the pleasant mood in all of your works. Can be understood that you draw when you are in mood?

 Sakit Mamedov: I prefer to live my grief and sorrow in me and don’t reflect it on the linen. Because people already have tons of problems, we must endow works to them with full of love.

 Every artist has an ideal. What about you? Have you drawn your ideal work?

-Sakit Mamedov: I create beautiful ladies and intelligent men in my works. However, beautiful ladies prevail among them.

-You have drawn the portrait of Pope. How was drawing his portrait proposed to you?

Sakit Mamedov: One Belgian, one French artist and I were invited to draw the portrait of Pope. It turned out that, drawing the portrait of Pope was entrusted to me. In this work, I depicted four holy books on the table and Karabakh carpet on the floor. I tried to hand this painting over to the Vatican on behalf of our country. And it happened so, when President Ilham Aliyev visited Italy, he presented this work to the Vatican. The work is in the Vatican Museum now.

-As we know that, in 2016 you have been to the 90th jubilee of the Queen of England and you have presented her your work called “Cidir Duzu”. It would be interesting to know how did the Queen react to your work?

Sakit Mamedov: According to the protocol, the meeting had to take 10 minutes, but it took 30 minutes. The Queen watched this work for about 5 minutes. Then she told me that this is a Polo game. And I answered, “This is not Polo game, it is a game of Chovken and it was originated in Karabakh in the XII century”. During our meeting, I told her about Khari Bulbul, Karabakh horses, Karabakh carpet etc. Generally, the Queen liked the work very much and she expressed her feelings like this: “Today was a very nice day for me, and I’m very glad.” Then she instructed the work to be hanged at the Windsor Palace.

Our main goal is that our young people receive messages of people like you. How do you think Azerbaijani youth should be today?

 Sakit Mamedov: My message is not just for Azerbaijanians, but also for people all over the world. Problems need to be approached universally. This state was not established that easy. The purpose is to love and to introduce our Azerbaijan, the place where we were born. I love Azerbaijan because I have been given a soul here. It is weird that I see all my dreams in the house where I was born. Hence, I have been given a soul there. The soul also has a connection with sleep. That is why you have to love the country at least for the sake of the soul you have been given. God gives two things to a man: a holy spirit and talent. Everyone has talent, it is needed to use.

I think that the message can be that we have to protect our world. Because if we just protect Azerbaijan, we will not know even if the world collapses. If the world collapses, we will collapse in it. That’s why, my message to mankind is: let’s protect the world, so we can protect the place in which our souls have been given.

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