Ashraf Ghani to chair Grand Girja after kabul boombing

Islamabad: A day after Kabul bombing blast in which 97 persons including women and children were killed and 455 other suffered injuries, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that a grand Jirga will be held very soon in Kabul to take vital decisions in line with Afghanistan relations with Pakistan.

He said that tribal elders, religious scholars from all school of thoughts, intellectuals, lawmakers, senators, civil society activists, university graduates and analysts will be invited to attend the Jirga and to give valuable input regarding Afghanistan’s future relations with Islamabad.

In addition, political parties, media organizations, journalists and Jihadi commanders will also be invited to chalk out a strategy against surging terrorist activities and give clear direction to our security forces and other law enforcement agencies.

Peace and security are of paramount importance to Afghans, President Ghani added.

“I want to tell terrorists that you will not achieve anything by spilling the blood of innocent Afghans. We will adopt every measures to protect our people from terror and killings,” he remarked.

We will adopt measures to ensure that our sisters and mothers don’t become widow and our kids no more orphans. I have no words to express y grief over the carnage in Kabul the other day.

The nation will soon make clear its position regarding its relations with Pakistan and the decision will be taken in consensus.

The Presidential Palace said this meeting will be held soon but no exact date has been given.

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