No Bloodshed

The crippling Tehreek-e-Labayke led blockade of capital city Islamabad has reached crisis proportions as the TL leadership, demanding the law minister’s resignation, has rejected the government’s dialogue offer and its call for a peaceful end of sit-in at Faizabad interchange that has paralyzed the twin cities for last two weeks.

So far the government has been reluctant to launch a crackdown against the protesters as it feared that a crackdown would have serious repercussions. Given the critical nature of the issue government has demonstrated a great deal of patience to tackle this issue despite facing scathing attacks and criticism at the hands of opposition parties.

Following the Islamabad High Court order seeking an end to Islamabad blockade, the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal invited protestors to hold dialogue with government to resolve the matter peacefully. But the first round of talks, which were held at PML-N leader’s residence a couple of days back, have failed to make headway towards the settlement of the issue as the representatives of the protesting parties had refused to end the blockade until the law minister Zahid Hamid is removed from the post.

Now that the government is gearing up for a possible showdown with protesters, it is hoped that the situation, whatsoever, be handled with much care and wisdom as reiteration of ‘model town like incident’ at this time of crucial stage would have serious political implications. To avoid any such thing to happen the federal government must seek help and assistance from all religious leaders representing different shades of opinion and particularly of those having influence on this particular school of thought to ward off the crisis.

Avoiding bloodshed is the key responsibility of both the government as well as the protesters; however, the onus of responsibility can be seen to lie mostly on the shoulders of the people at the helm of affairs.

The protesting parties too have a responsibility to avoid confrontation. Now that the issue has been settled and the bill regarding restoring the finality of Prophethood clause to its original form stands passed by both the both the houses (NA and the senate) there is dire need that protesters should abide by the law and end the sit-in so that the public’s miseries can end. The remaining issues, if any, could be sort out peacefully thereby holding talks as dialogue, or peaceful negotiation, is the path prescribed by Islam and our prophet (SAW).

The week-long sit-in has adversely affected the people of the twin cities. Blocking the road or preventing people from passing by; using slanderous and insulting words at others are not permitted in sharee’ah. Doing right thing in the wrong away bears nothing but chaos, the honourable judge of the Islamabad High Court has rightly opined that any work of virtue done in a wrong manner becomes wrong.


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