Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri Stresses The Need For Unity Among Muslims

By Arif Qoreshi

Islamabad: Top Iranian cleric Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri here on Monday at Marriott hotel Islamabad, stressed the need for unity among Muslim world to counter conspiracies hatched against Islam by United States and west. Addressing a seminar on “Inter-Faith Harmony”, organized by “Idara Taqreeb-e Mazahib, Pakistan, as a chief guest, Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri, said that Muslims should shun their differences because it is the only way to their success.

The Head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST),

said that main challenge the Muslims are facing today is that they are divided.

He said that he is happy  to see that the people from all schools of thought are sitting and  attending the seminar. “Unity is the only weapon which can prove useful in countering the conspiracies against Islam”, he added.

He predicted  that enemies of Islam would fail to accomplish their evil designs. The ayatollah said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is making all out efforts to unite the Muslims of the world.

Minister of National Regulations and Services Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan on the occasion welcomed and thanked Ayatollah Taskhiri for visiting Pakistan. She praised the efforts made by the Iranian cleric in promoting interfaith harmony among the Muslim world.

The minister said that Ayatollah Taskhiri is trying to portray the true picture of Islam. “We have to indentify our enemies, enemies of Iran and Pakistan are actually the enemies of Islam.

The former chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, said that the Muslims should adopt the principles laid by Prophet Muhammad. “We must unite on our communalities,”

Highlighting the agenda of National Solidarity Commission(Milii Yahjehti Council) a platform launched by all the religious parties with consensus  to promote sectarian harmony and resolve disputes in Pakistan, he said that the commission is trying its level best to unite the people of Pakistan.

Shi’a Scholar Allama Hafiz Syed Riaz Hussain Najafi on the occasion praised the efforts of Imam Khomeini (P) for establishing an Islamic state in Iran Riaz Hussain Najafi said that Muslims should follow the footsteps of Imam Khomeini (P) in their lives.

Khanam Tayyaba Bukhari a religious scholar and tv host  stressed the need for unity in Muslims. She said that Shi’as and Sunnis can talk on commonalties to promote interfaith harmony. She was of the view that Islamic Revolution of Iran is a beacon light for the Muslims of the world.

Those who spoke at the seminar were, Hafiz Syed Riaz Hussain Najfi,Principal Of Jamia-Tul-Muntazar Lahore. Allama Izhar Hussain Bukhari, Religious Scholar, Allama Syed Niaz Hussain Naqvi, Chairman Wifaqul Madaris Al-Shia,Pakistan, Qazi Hussain Ahamad, Former Amir Jamat Islami,Pakistan, Amin Shaheedi, Majlis Wahdat Ulmulimeen, Khanam Tyaba, Tv Host And Shia Scholar, Saqib Akbar, Chairman Albasiarah Trust.

Iranian Embassy Official Indluding  Deputy Ambassador of Iran, Muhammad Hussain Ravish, Deputy Cultural Counsel Aqa-Ali Dosti and Other also Attended the Seminar.

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