Azerbaijan and Pakistan Celebrated

Islamabad: Mr. Dashign Shikarov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan  said that  relations with Pakistan are constantly on the move adding trade and economic ties have already been given new dimensions.

This he said while speaking on the occasion of 21st anniversary of Pakistan-Azerbaijan bilateral relations.

He said, Azerbaijan was the first nation in the Muslim world and the East to establish a democratic republic on May 28, 1918, namely the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. The Azerbaijan’s independence which fell on 28 April, 1920 was restored only on 18 October, 1991.

“We are proud to say that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was a one of the first countries in the world to recognize our independence and from that very day the ties of friendship and partnership are developing in all spheres of life. Cultural, religious and traditional communalities, support of each other’s positions on their core issues, readiness to stand together in the days of need- these are the pillars of the relations between our states”.

The ambassador said, relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan which started just 20 years ago have grown up to the level of strategic partnership. Exchange of visits of Azerbaijan and Pakistani Leaders as well as the other high level delegations played a pivotal role in cementing the links between our States and Nations. Agreements in political, economical, strategic, social, humanitarian, cultural and other sectors signed during these visits formed a solid legislative base of our ties.

The establishment of Joint Ministerial Commission was an effective institution to expand our economic and trade cooperation, he added.

The scheduled visit of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari to Azerbaijan in the framework of Economic Cooperation Organization Summit will be another remarkable event of our relationship and will give a momentum to our mutual cooperation, he disclosed.

“Here, I have to say about the principal stand of Pakistan on Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which is a source of constant pain for each citizen of my country. Pakistan unequivocally supports us on this very issue and this year the Senate of Pakistan adopted a resolution condemning genocide against Azerbaijanis in the town of Khojali and once again backed the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. This move was highly appreciated by leadership and people of Azerbaijan and became a source of invaluable moral support for us”.


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