Bhat urges Britain to play role to bring back political rights of Kashmiris

Birmingham: Altaf Ahmed Bhat, President of Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement (JKSM) urged United Kingdom to press India and play their role to get back political rights of oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir according to the United Nations resolutions. He said that the Kashmiri diaspora living in UK was playing a vital role to highlight the Indian atrocities at international level.

Kashmiri freedom seeker Altaf Bhat expressed these views while addressing an extraordinary conference organized by Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) United Kingdom under Kashmir Solidarity week in Dudley Council.

JKSM president international community should leave their double standards and drop silence over the Indian atrocities and inhumane clampdown against innocent people of occupied Kashmir. He said that India has lost control of Kashmir and soon it will be kicked out of Kashmir. Altaf Ahmad Butt said that Kashmiris were demanding their rights and the UK should play its role in giving their snatched rights. He said that the world speaks of human rights but remains silent on the human rights in occupied Kashmir, adding that the world had to abolish this double standard.

Mr. Marco Longhi, the member of Conservative Party in the UK parliament, expressed concern over the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and pledged to raise the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir inside as well as outside the parliament. He said that respecting the wishes of Dudley voters, he would not only raise the Kashmir issue at the British Parliament, but also speed up efforts to settle it on a permanent basis. Kashmir is a humanitarian issue and it should be solved on humanitarian grounds and as per the aspirations of the people of Kashmir, he added.

Raja Faheem Kayani, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) addressing on the occasion said that there were several UN resolutions on Kashmir dispute and the democratic powers of the world including Britain should played their role in granting Kashmiris their political right, right to self-determination. Kayani further said that it was the result of the efforts of Kashmiris and Pakistanis living in Britain that today, along with UK Labour, Conservative is also supporting the right to self-determination of Kashmiris. Fahim Kayani added that this was the result of the efforts of Kashmiris and Pakistanis living in Britain that today, along with British labor party, Conservative Party members are also supporting the self-determination of Kashmiris.

Muhammad Ghalib, the President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) Europe, on the occasion said that Kashmiris were victims of Indian state terrorism and the world community should play its due role in stopping the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

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