Bosnia is now a very stable and prosperous country: Mr. Sakib Foric

Arif Qureshi

Islamabad: Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Brigadier General (R) Sakib Foric hosted a colorful reception to mark the National Day and Armed Forces day of Bosnia and Herzegovina at a local hotel in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

It was a different ceremony as compared with other diplomatic functions in Pakistan’s capital. The prime features of the ceremony were all the heads of the diplomatic missions of European and African stationed in Islamabad were part of the reception. Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of central Asia, Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Somalia Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Oman were also among the participation wearing their traditional Arab dress. A large number of Armed Forces officers of Pakistan, the Defense attachés, senior journalists, and business community of twin city were among the guests.

We greatly value our relations with Pakistan, as Pakistan was among the first countries that recognized Bosnian independence in 1992. Bosnian people are indebted to Pakistan for its support when Bosnia was passing through hard times.

Brigadier General (R) Sakib Foric

An exhibition of photographs had been arranged alongside the pool and the red carpet led past it so that guests could view the beautiful images of places in Bosnia Herzegovina, while a video screening of the activities of the armed forces and relations with Pakistan was shown inside.

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar, Governor Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Shah Farman, Mayor of Islamabad Ansar Aziz, senator Rehman Malik, Senator Waseem shahzad  and others attended the national day’s reception. Before starting the official ceremony national anthems of Pakistan and Bosnia were played. Bosnian envoy Mr. Sakib Foric along with chief guests cut the cake of ceremony.

In his inaugural address Bosnian envoy Brigadier General (R) Mr. Sakib Foric thanked the audience for attending the two very important days of his country –Nov 25th and Dec 1st (AFD) with the words, “It is indeed a great privilege and honor that you have joined us here this evening.” Giving a brief history of the war for independence from 1992 -95 he said, “Today we are a stable country with a bright future and fully prepared to join the EU and NATO allies.”

He said that the bilateral ties between the two brotherly countries are constantly on the move in all fields. He said the friendship between Bosnia and Pakistan is time-tested. The Ambassador hoped relations between the two countries will grow further even in the days to come. He also gave souvenirs to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman. He concluded by thanking the sponsors of the event and hoped his guests would enjoy the evening.

About the armed forces of Bosnia ambassador informed the audience that from a post conflict country with three armed forces they now had one unique armed force established on the state level with 16000 professional soldiers who have the capability to serve the people in times of natural calamities and in UN missions in different countries.

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Zubair Mahmood Hayat in his address suggested institutionalizing the bilateral engagement with Bosnian and Herzegovina and stated, ‘our bonds of friendship with Bosnia will grow even stronger in the days to come.

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