Challenges at eastern and western boaders

Mir Qais Khan Jamali

It was almost a year ago in July 2016, Shaheed Burhan Wani the charismatic leader of the freedom movement in Indian occupied Kashmir was martyred in a pre-planned encounter, and since then all methods of war between India and Pakistan have broken lose, with Pakistan being the pacifying party practicing restraint.

The Uri attack on 18th September 2016 against the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir was blamed on Pakistan within its first few minutes, very conveniently as per the standard operating procedure of the Indian politics and state. The self inflicted escalation was made basis for warmongers to divert attention from the grave situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, which echoed chants for freedom since Wani was martyred, this time under the right wing political arena things went further with a claim of cross border surgical strikes by the DGMO of Indian Military on 29th September 2016, which were rubbished by Pakistan at first and then rubbed across the face of Indian public by international media and their own political opposition, more importantly rubbished by the UN observers monitoring the Line of Control as well, which enraged the Indian strategists.

Having failed to uphold their dubious claims of surgical strikes, an across the board policy of covert and overt operations against Pakistan were launched to hurt stability, security and economic prosperity of Pakistan. A sight of this multi-pronged policy is now being seen at its best throughout the region since the start of 2017. The strategy of using a second base for operations is well into operations, which explains why Kulbhushan Yadhav, an Indian Navy Commander working for RAW was planted into Iran’s Chabahar sea port to conduct regular illegal visits into Pakistan for espionage, this strategy also exposes the RAW net placed in Nepal through which Lt Col (retd) Mohammad Habib Zahir was lured into a Kidnapping, most probably to negotiate Kulbushan Yadav’s release. The number of false flag attacks in Kashmir valley along LOC to exert pressure on Pakistan is also in high practice, the recent beheadings blamed on Pakistan being one such act, whilst it also serves as a diversion to the massive public protests against Indian Occupation in Kashmir.

The third most visible and chaotic base for Indian methodology has been the use of Afghanistan against Pakistan, not to mention the innumerable acts of terrorism leaving thousands dead in Pakistan which were orchestrated through Afghanistan, but the recent change of strategy in disrupting border security, as was witness in Torkham on 13th June 2016 , whereby even the ground forces of Afghanistan were confused in flag meetings as to why was the leadership of Afghanistan National Army passing orders which were not corresponding to ground realities, i.e. the gate construction being well within Pakistan’s territory. The more recent incident of Chaman in Balochistan bears witness to the use of Afghanistan as a veritable arm of Indian policy, whereby the acknowledged and historical line of shared villages became invisible to the Afghan border police. The jest of the matter being the command of the forces again, this time General Abdul Razik, the head of Afghan border police in the region, well known to be the blue eyed boy of the American CIA, RAW, and NDS.

The conventional use of Afghanistan government and forces has only recently exposed itself, however, the use of proxies by foreign intelligence agencies including RAW has been a debilitating factor for Pakistan which has fought 11 long years with such proxies nurtured at the Afghan border. The strategy is not a new one, when the Soviets started retreating; they created a vacuum on the Pakistan border areas, allowing large influx of RAW penetration which saw waves of terrorist attacks and bombings in Pakistan, and infiltration of thousands of RAW assets into Pakistan under the shadow of Afghan refugees.

With such multi-pronged challenges faced, the countries intelligence networks are on a sleep deprived mission of thwarting internal and external threats from three different corners of the Country, the recent escalation of border shelling in a synchronized manner by India on the east and Afghanistan on the west is a wakeup call to the think tanks, the bullying has reached levels of war declaration , in a untoward event the acts happening around could easily escalate into a war that starts from both sides in tandem to squeeze Pakistan into economic drought and loss so that India could pave way for its desired regional hegemony , the constant equilibrium and check kept by Pakistan has become unbearable to the Indian state.

The official confirmation of 13 Indians who died to the site of MOAB strike on 13th April 2017 in Nangarhar, as also reported by state run Tolo News of Afghanistan, was whisked away as efficiently as the web world was cleansed of the data which outlined the RAND Corporation of USA as creators of ISIS. The above being a needle in the haystack, the changing dynamic’s of the region have boiled up to the point of eruption, which would most definitely have severe consequences for the whole planet and its inhabitants. The shifts and alliances are notoriously expanding this game beyond controlled wars as orchestrated by the CIA throughout the last three decades.

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