Farooq Rehmani congratulates freedom fighting Muslims across the world

Islamabad: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Freedom League and former Convener All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) AJK Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has warmly congratulated Muslims across the world, especially the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir, Palestine on the eve of Eid ul Fitr, for their steadfast and constant struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights against foreign occupations, invasions and monster of dictatorship and foreign hegemony.

He hoped that with their unflinching faith and straightforwardness, and following of Quran the subjugated and oppressed Muslims of Kashmir and Palestine and recently enslaved Muslims would gain their freedom from enemy very soon. He said,

“Notwithstanding Islamic renaissance and political resistance of the oppressed people in various Muslim regions the leadership of the Muslim ummah and Muslim states he said, had failed to reflect the urges and aspirations of the Muslim masses around the world. They have failed to free the occupied Muslim lands of Palestine and Kashmir and not been helpful to the Muslims of the slaughtering fields of Arakan Burma, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Kashmir and Palestine. Millions of the Muslims from Rohingya to Syria have been eliminated; cities and villages torched and the innocent and unarmed Muslims forced to flee from their homes and hearth while the part played by the OIC and Arab League for their safety is zero. There are privileged rulers and organizations and leaders, who are responsible for the present predicament of the Muslims in the world. The privileged classes and groups in the Muslim societies are working against the interests of the Muslims and paying merely lip- service to Islam. He said the imperialist powers are against freedom and democracy in the Muslim world and they are promoting their own blue- eyed boys as rulers and leaders to protect their political, economic, strategic and cultural interests in the Crescent world. The Muslim elites and rulers act as easy and cheap tools in the anti- Muslim hands to advance their own nefarious designs.”

Muhammad Faroq Rehmani urged upon the Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine and other unfortunate parts of the world to sink their differences, end mutual feuds, religious prejudices, stop thinking and killing in the name of different sects and groups and stand like mountains on the planet Earth. He assured that if winter comes, spring can never b far behind provided the Muslim groups, sects and leaders abandon their lust for fame, money and power. He appealed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to uphold their national freedom goal by seeking self-reliance and self-confidence and carve out their own map of patriotic references and symbols of struggle and sacrifices.

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