Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Bill Allows Women to Take Part in Politics

Islamabad:  The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) is all set to send its 163-point bill woman protection bill to National Assembly and four provincial assemblies of Pakistan. Salient’s features of proposed bill address the property, marriage, motherhood, crimes and violence against women, apostasy, and even venture into the instruments of state ‘acceptable’ for a woman to be involved in. According to proposed bill women can participate in the Politics but not recommended to join as combatant trooper and Foreign Service.

After the Punjab Assembly passed women’s protection bill in February religious circles of almost all the sects raised their objections and demanded the government amend which was accepted by the Government. A process of amendment is under way between a committee of Ulema and Punjab Government. 10-year imprisonment has been proposed for marrying women with holy Quran besides a complete ban on demanding and showing off dowry. Honour killing, Karokari, Siah Kari to be considered a murder and girls’ forced marriages for Wani or patch up will be punishable under the proposed bill.

There will be a complete ban on forced labour of women. Vasectomy or male sterilization will not be allowed without wife’s consent. The bill also proposes that abortion after 120 days of conception will be considered a murder and 20 per cent of blood-money will be required in case of miscarriage due to any external injury.

Key Features of Proposed Bill of (CII)

  • Women will have the right to own property
  • Women have the right to bequeath property
  • A husband may, when needed, lightly beat his wife
  • Three consecutive declarations of divorce will be punishable (punishment unspecified)
  • A guardian’s permission is not required for a woman who has reached maturity to contract a nikah
  • A wife has the right to khula if she forfeits alimony
  • A wife may move the court in case of ‘excesses’ by husband
  • Contracting a marriage for Vani or dispute resolution is punishable (punishment unspecified)
  • Contracting a woman’s marriage to a Quran will be a crime carrying a ten-year sentence
  • Ban on the request and display of dowry
  • Women will be permitted to participate in politics
  • Women are not responsible for participation in combat missions
  • It is forbidden to kill a woman in war
  • Women may become judges
  • Women will not be permitted to receive foreign officials and state guests
  • Forcing any woman to convert carries a three-year prison sentence
  • A woman cannot be killed/executed for ‘leaving Islam’
  • A woman of sound mind is permitted to convert to Islam
  • Acid attacks and violent acts against women such as throwing acid on women should be thoroughly investigated
  • Ban on honour killing, Karo kari, and siyah kari
  • Ban on co-education past the primary level
  • Co-education past the primary level may be permitted if hijab is made mandatory and free mixing between the genders is not allowed
  • A ban on women working in ‘vulgar’ advertisements
  • Female nurses should not attend to male patients
  • Women should not be forced into difficult, ‘labour-intensive’ work
  • Mothers must breastfeed for two years
  • Ban on advertisements baby formula/substitutes for breast milk
  • A woman cannot use contraception without the husband’s permission
  • An abortion after 120 days will be classified as murder

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