De-legitimating opinion

The unresolved Kashmir dispute, fraught with dangerous ramifications is generally seen as is a constant threat to peace and stability in South Asia. However, for people who live in the conflict zone, the dispute has turned into a kind of a dreadful monster that continues to haunt them every now and then. It is a kind of evil that has been tormenting their souls, bruising their hearts and minds, making their lives miserable. The K-dispute, to say the least, is mother of all odds. The dispute that hangs around for last seven decades has brought widespread death and destruction in the region and Kashmiris, who happen to be the main principle party, have been the worst victims of the conflict, which has now assumed dangerous proportions as over half a million Indian military and paramilitary forces deployed in length and breadth of the disputed territory enjoy overwhelming impunity under the black laws. The draconian laws prevalent in the region are major cause of rights violations in the region as these laws give Indian forces a free hand to kill people, at their own will.
The recent killing of a Kashmiri youth by Indian occupation army in the woods in north Kashmir’s frontier district of Kupwara is yet another dastardly incident of state oppression, which shows how occupation forces kill people without having an inkling of accountability. Nonetheless it is not for the first time that Indian occupation forces have killed unarmed youth who according to reports has gone to a nearby market to buy some grocery items. And, certainly, it won’t be the last one of the sorts but what is more shocking is that the killing Kashmiri youth in fake encounters is part of the larger malaise that will continue to haunt inhabitants of the region who have been left at the mercy of beastly occupation forces. It goes without saying that killing of youth by occupation forces, since 1990s, has been an ugly routine and a new normal in Kashmir. The killing spree, as a matter of fact, is a deliberate attempt of occupation authorities to silence the every dissenting voice that call for the resolution of Kashmir conflict. India’s well thought-out policy to kill, maim, blind and humiliate and harass people of Kashmir is to instill fear of the State and its security apparatus in the hearts and minds of the people. And more importantly India has been using it [Killing] as a weapon of war against Kashmiris to criminalize and de-legitimize political opinion of the people of Kashmir.It is quite ironic that this tragic saga of killing unarmed and defenseless Kashmiris in fake encounters goes unheard and unnoticed by those who feel proud in calling themselves as the defenders and champions of humanity and human rights. The question is how long will the world watch this wild dance of death by Indian so-called security forces in Kashmir? Why is the so-called civilized world so indifferent towards the sufferings of Kashmiri people?
Kashmiris have been demanding their right to self-determination promised to them by the leadership of India and Pakistan as well as the international community. It is high time that world community must shun its policy of indifference towards Kashmir issue and play its due role in seeking a peaceful settlement of the dispute. Since Kashmiris have lost its three generations in the conflict it is imperative that civilized world should discharge its moral and legal responsibilities to alleviate the unending sufferings of Kashmir people who are facing pervasive insecurity and constant threat to their lives under foreign occupation.

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