Syed Babar Jan Qadri, a founder president of Lawyers Club Kashmir (LCK)

Dependence on Pakistan is minimized but not love: Syed Babar Jan Qadri

By Arif Qureshi

Syed Babar Jan Qadri, a founder president of Lawyers Club Kashmir (LCK) started his political career as student leader who laid the foundation of Kashmir university students union. After completing his law Qadri joined Srinagar courts in the year 2008 and started to help the Kashmiri pro resistance people and continues to do so till date. In 2012 with the support of young lawyers Babar Qadri established a separate lawyer’s forum having name lawyers club Kashmir. Since 2012 Babar Qadri has visited Pakistan and established his good contacts with political and judicial class. Qadri had received appreciation even from chief justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, who awarded him a shield of honor in the year 2016. In his Exclusive interviews with “The Fortress” Baber Qadri threw lights on present uprising in Kashmir.

QLet us know Mr. Babar Qadri about the Lawyers Club Kashmir (LCK) and its activities?

Ans: Lawyers club Kashmir is an organization that is established keeping in view the new demands of youth and circumstances. It has not only provided platform to young advocates but a Rey of hope to entire intellectual class who were disappointed with the status quo. Lawyers club has not only provided legal aid but represented Kashmir at local and international level. This is the first organization that has roots in all the divisions of divided Jammu and Kashmir. It is a fact that people have started to believe in our position and politics which is actually our asset.

Q- Have common Kashmiri people been benefited by your forum?

Ans: people are the real Judge whether we have delivered or not but I am satisfied that Lawyers Club Kashmir supported more than 5000 Kashmiri pro resistance activists, besides pleading many challenging cases like, MASS GRAVE petition pending before High court and Papa kashrawari case .

Q- How do you see present uprising in Kashmir after Burhan Wani?

Ans: Post Burhan Wani scenario is actually a dynamic and challenging situation arising out of desperate efforts of youth. It has made a radical shift in the mindset and operational thinking of youth. This revolt against tyrannical status quo has few landmark achievements as for the first time movement is shifted to rural areas along with its centrality.

Q- Is it an indigenous movement in Kashmir as India alleges Pakistan is behind that?

Ans: For the first time in history youth has started an independent and indigenous resistance that has not only rattled Indian mighty empire of agencies, but also the aging leadership that has lost its operational frequency with youth. It has almost given the confidence to young children that in any situation they can turn the tables. Even I say Azaad Kashmir Government and Kashmir committee has felt the need to acknowledge the failure.

Q- How Kashmiri People see the role of Pakistan?

Ans: The present situation is entirely different than the previous ones, as for the first time youth have changed the narrative of all the aspects including the armed side of the resistance. The dependence on Pakistan is minimized but not the love. Raising Pakistani flags is a story of past now Kashmris burying their loved ones in Pakistani flags which is a new shift. Kashmiri people have successfully transferred the movement to next generations although after paying huge sacrifices.

Q- International community not responded as expected by kashmri people why?

Ans: As far as international communities response is concerned , it is not only disappointing but can be rated as cruel because of the fact that international community has given economic interest priority over the humanitarian tragedy. The part of onus of liability of international neglect can also be attributed to the failure of Kashmiri diaspora and Azaad Kashmir government who only used Kashmir for seeking benefits from Pakistan and international community.

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