Do more………..!

By Tyela  Shaffan

“If they don’t change their behavior, maybe we should change our behavior towards Pakistan as a nation,” said US Senator John McCain during his visit to the Afghan capital. Again, Pakistan is echoed with the jangling voice of ‘do more’, and again they want retainers to bow before them without raising a sole interrogation. If recapping history, this ‘do more’ illustrates that previous acts of Pakistan were just like a ‘NOUGHT’.

US echoes that Pakistan will have to take action against all Taliban groups that are operating on its soil and territory without discrimination. But the demands of America since ‘war on terror’ and the responsory acts from Pakistan is not just a little feat. The critical scenarios of North Waziristan operation. The Tehreek-e-Taliban and other terrorist groups were cleared from their last remaining stronghold in the tribal areas. There have been operations in Karachi and northern Baluchistan on a very large scale where there have been preexisting security challenges. 3,400 terrorists have been killed, and 837 hideouts from where they were carrying out their terrorist activities destroyed. And the unforgettable military actions during Zarb-e-Azb. The operation in Karachi has that it had not seen in decades occasioned in restoring a state of relative peace to the city. The same operation has long-drawn-out to Baluchistan, combating the insurgencies that were foreign-sponsored, and strengthening the process of resolving disputes. The Baluchistan insurrection has faced significant defeats and surrenders of many of their most senior commanders and fighters, as the army and paramilitary forces deepened their tenacity to end this conflict. Additionally, the apprehension of Kulbhushan Yadav, an Indian Navy officer, allegedly working for the Indian RAW inside Baluchistan, has reportedly led to the collapse of a massive network of over 50 Indian operatives and 700 Pakistanis. But that all wouldn’t prove well satisfactory for the higher-ups.

There had long been practice of demand and dying, in one way or the other, but the thing is how the dupes respond to their call. By “twisting the arms” of sovereign counties so as to they “do what we need them to do”. The most communal argument for daunting sanctions is that the country in question violates human rights or chains terrorism. Yet, these so-called human rights violators and terrorism supporters are those that obstinately oppose US imperialist policies. One of the victim of US coercion is North Korea, which is facing the sanctions since 1950 up till now, with slight ups and downs of safeties. The blockade against Cuba, which has been sustained for over 50 years, denotes much more than sanctions. Then, US efforts to unite international community to put strict policies against Iran since 1979 revolution, which tumbled the US-sponsored rule of the time, and again with the charges of human rights violation, igniting terrorism and endorsing nuclear strength. Same cases with Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Russia.

Pakistan has been kneeling to US demands for so long. It’s frequent ‘YES’ to the participation of war on terror had suck the blood of entire nation, but yes, they had to accept. But quench of US is still unsatisfactory. According to US officials, Donald Trump’s administration looks prepared to toughen its approach toward Pakistan to onslaught on Pakistan-based militants launching attacks in neighboring Afghanistan. Trump’s intentions include their long run policy of carrots n sticks as; expanding US drone strikes, conveying or withholding some aid to Pakistan and possibly downgrading Pakistan’s status as a major non-NATO ally, the officials said. What would be the stance of Pakistan here? Would we again respond to the call by letting down our heads? Recalling back, Pakistan’s stance that they would not indulge in proxy war anymore, sets a very clear policy if it would be implemented. There was a statement from COAS of Pakistan, “unilateral actions” such as drone strikes as “counterproductive and against (the) spirit of ongoing cooperation and intelligence sharing being diligently undertaken by Pakistan”. And that’s actually we need, if we want to keep our status of Nation-State, then we should be courageous enough to counter any action questioning our sovereignty. There is a necessity of counter actions like Iran and North Korea, because now there is a question of our national interest, because we are already done with and can’t afford more. We can’t always hold with the carrots and sticks of others, undermining our own dominion. As US applies this policy to the states, which don’t fall under its jurisdiction, so as Pakistan is one of those.

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