DPC Long March Ends After Announcing Next Schedule

Islamabad: The two-day long march of Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) ended in front of the Parliament House with the firm resolve that the movement would continue till the independence of the country from the clutches of US policies.

The leadership of the DPC showed their firm faith that they would resist tooth and nail to stop NATO supplies as it would cause destruction both in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan. They also said the government resumed the NATO supplies disrespecting the recommendations of the Parliament and now efforts were underway to disgrace the judiciary as well.

The leaders delivering speeches at D-Chowk what they called and resembled with ‘Tahrir Square’ urged the people to wage Jehad against the US policies and the ‘democratic’ government and said it was the democracy in its worst form in Pakistan and there was no harm if it was ousted through undemocratic means.

They also severely criticised the PPP-led civilian government for toeing the US policies and at the same time condemned the parties including PML-N and JUI-F and non-parliamentary parties PTI for not joining the long march of DPC.

Ameer Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Saeed in his concluding remarks before the end of rally said they would establish peace in the country following the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him). “The purpose of this movement is to get free the country from the US slavery through peaceful means,” he added. He said the government always used to say that Parliament was supreme and now who was above the parliament on whose dictation the Nato supplies were resumed? He said that US wanted to stay in Pakistan after getting defeat in Afghanistan. He also said that India used the water bomb against Pakistan by constructing 62 dams on their shares of water and got much benefit due to the presence of US in the region.

Chairman of Difah -e- Pakistan Council (DPC) Maulana Samiul Haq also endorsing the view point of other leaders said they had to force out US from Pakistan and then the system would have to be restructured to pave way for imposition of an Islamic system in the country. He announced that the movement will continue and DPC will hold a long march from Quetta to Chaman from July 14 to 15 and then Peshawar to Thorkam from July 16 to 17, both are routes of NATO supplies. He also took oath from the people that they would again gather at the ‘Tahrir Square’ if they were called and struggle for the protection of the ideological boundaries of the country and imposition of Islamic system in the country.

Awami League leader, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed making an emotional speech said the present democracy in Pakistan was in its worst form and the people used to hate this government and there was no harm if the government was ousted from undemocratic methods. He said the government wanted to get passed the dual nationality bill to get service of US citizens. He said the government had looted the national kitty from both hands through Haj, NICL and ephedrine scams etc.Lt General (R) Hamid Gul, Ameer JI Munawar Hasan and Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki also adreseed the rally.

Earlier, addressing a welcome camp of DPC at Committee Chowk Rawalpindi, DPC leaders expressed disappointment at the servitude of rulers for their American masters, while resolving that masses would never follow their (rulers’) suite. Castigating rulers for resumption of NATO supplies, they cited the success of this Long March as a viable proof of imprudent policies of government, and dangers faced by ideological and geographical boundaries of the Federation. They also highlighted nefarious, illegal activities of such figures as Raymond Davis of CIA and others who were still quite active throughout Pakistan, and the recent attack on an Army camp in Gujrat was also a part of this chain of events; besides being a nefarious and dangerous endeavor to sabotage the Long March. They said that Long March was intended to regenerate the lost dignity and integrity of Nation, and urged on 180 million masses to unite against corrupt rulers.

Earlier, tens of thousands of participants of long march entered the capital city Monday night amid tight security bellowing slogans against the government and US for killing innocent people in drone attacks. The participants, who were embarking on hundreds of mini buses, coaches, buses, wagons, cars and even motorcycles and carrying their party flags and banners bristled words against resumption of Nato supplies to Afghanistan for Western troops and against drone attacks, were given a tumultuous welcome at various places by the activists and workers of religious and political parties. Though a large numbers of welcome stalls and sabeels were set up at different points from Rawat to Faizabad, the long march of DPC stopped at Committee Chowk where workers of Awami Muslim League (AML) and activists of Jammat-e-Islami and Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) had arranged refreshment for the marchers. A gigantic traffic jam could be witnessed on almost all the roads, posing hardships for masses as well as commuters. They said Wazirabad incident was conspiracy of CIA station chief. They urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto action over the incident and summon CIA chief for proceedings. They said the present government put geographical and ideological borders in danger accepting the dictations of their international masters. They said the long march was conducted for upholding the sovereignty of the country and the DPC workers and other countrymen would destroy the capital city if the government stopped marchers to enter Islamabad. It was observed that only the workers of religious and political parties were taking part in DPC and the masses remained away from the show in Rawalpindi. When the marchers entered Rawalpindi the caravan consisted of 250 trucks and buses, 150 pick-ups, 225 cars and 19 land cruisers. The vehicles carried over 15,000 protesters. The caravan entered Rawalpindi by 6:00 pm and left the city by 9:30 pm when they entered the federal capital Islamabad at Faizabad. Strict security arrangements were made by Rawalpindi police under the supervision of City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokher and other police high ups as a large number of personnel of police, both in plain and in uniform, were deputed along with the route of long march to avoid any untoward incident. Meanwhile, the Islamabad police sealed the federal capital on Monday following reports of possible strikes by the terrorists ahead of long march of the Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC). On the direction of Interior Ministry Islamabad capital police chief deployed thousands of policemen to make sure foolproof security. Meanwhile, patrolling of police across the federal capital was enhanced on Monday. Sources said intelligence sharing among different law enforcement agencies operating in Islamabad was ensured to maintain law and order ahead of sit-in by the participants of long march of the DPC.

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