Emergence of Al-Qaeda & ISIS, a plot against Kashmir’s struggle: Shaukat Butt

ISLAMABAD: Secretary General of Democratic Political Movement (DPM) Shaukat Hussain Butt has warned the political and military leadership of Jammu Kashmir to stop emergence of Al-Qaeda and DAESH in its beginning, as  such moves were a part of a greater conspiracy aimed at linking Kashmiris’ indigenous struggle with terrorism.

“Kashmir is an international issue and Kashmiris are striving for their internationally recognized right of self-determination and for the solution of this longstanding issue”, Butt said in a statement here on Monday. Kashmir issue has entered into a decisive stage where world community is convinced that Kashmiri nation should be given their right to  self-determination, he added.

He urged that Kashmiri nation in general and leadership in particular  to take cognizance of the conspiracies of enemies as cowardice enemy miserably failed to face the courage and valor of Kashmiris. He said supreme sacrifices rendered by the people of Kashmir have  defeated all efforts of Indian forces and now India is hatching conspiracies to defame their just struggle to gain support at national level.

Terming planned conspiracies of Indian intelligence a war against ongoing freedom movement, Shaukat Hussain butt  said Kashmiri freedom movement is a war against Indian occupation with sole agenda of freedom from Indian clutches. DAESH and Al-Qaeda are part of visible nefarious international agenda and they have no relevance  with Kashmiri freedom struggle, he added.

Hurriyat leader was of the view that Zakir Musa is the  part of freedom movement like other Mujahideen fighting against India. Zakir is  a well-educated person and Mujahid and Kashmiri nation is proud of him.

Shaukat Butt said Zakir has attached his future for the sake of future of Kashmir and for freedom of his motherland. “It is responsibility of leadership to ensure that Kashmiri youth be given proper religious education along with know-how Kashmir issue in perspective of international laws.

He asked Zakir Musa that Kashmiri freedom struggle is an indigenous and popular resistance against India repression continue for decades and it has international background as well. Any link of Kashmiri struggle with Al-Qaeda will be detrimental for K ashmiri movement which Kashmiri cannot afford at this crucial juncture, he said.

 He stressed upon Zakir Musa that being a sincere and educated Mujahid he should create links with Kashmiri Hurriyat leadership instead of connecting himself with Al-Qaeda and  suggested that there is no harm to take guidance from their experiences.

Butt urged the Political Leadership to   guide  youth at this crucial juncture  with wisdom that he expect from them and keep close contact wth  them to get detracked from the right  path.


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