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Want to know about the biggest sport stories the moment they happen?

Sign up for our BBC Sport news alerts via the app and you will get a message to notify you of a breaking news story, major live sport or to share a great piece of content.

The alerts are available in the iOS and Android versions of the free, award-winning BBC Sport app – add them by heading to the menu, selecting ‘My Alerts’ then ‘Add Alerts’ followed by ‘Sport News’.

The service will supplement the current alerts offering for data around football, rugby union, cricket and rugby league matches as well as Formula 1 grands prix.

What are the alerts?

The alerts are small notifications which appear on the homescreen of your device. To give recent examples an alert might say ‘Jose Mourinho sacked as Chelsea manager’ or ‘England and Wales drawn in same group for Euro 2016’.

What will the alerts tell me?

The alerts will cover three main areas.

1) Breaking sports news. Something important has just happened – a top manager has been sacked, a title has been won, a football team has spent £50m on a new player.

2) To inform you that there is live sport to enjoy on the BBC – an Andy Murray match at Wimbledon is now two sets all, watch live FA Cup football on BBC One at 19:55 GMT.

3) We want to let you know something – this might be the Match of the Day running order, or that voting for Sports Personality is now open, or that there is an article or piece of video on the site we think you’ll enjoy.

They will complement the sports data alerts that are currently already available via the BBC Sport App for cricket, football, F1, rugby league and rugby union.

How many alerts will I receive?

Not too many! We cannot give an exact number as nobody can predict when major sport news will occur. There will also be variation – some days are packed full of major sporting events, others are relatively quiet.

On some days there won’t be any alerts, others there might be three or four. What we promise though is that we won’t spam you, we will only send alerts we believe to be of genuine interest to the majority of subscribers.

We will use the data from these alerts to help inform the development of our topic specific alerts in the future, as part of our commitment to offering our users a more personalised BBC Sport.

How do I add the alerts?

If you have the iOS or Android version of the BBC Sport app, select the menu and then ‘My Alerts’, select ‘Add Alerts’ and from there, turn on ‘Sport News’.

Don’t have the app yet? You can download it via these links for:

Can I personalise the alerts?

Not currently. On selecting the alerts you will receive all the Sport News alerts we send, although that is something that we are exploring for the future along with the ability to set reminders for specific events of interest.

The alerts will cover a wide range of sports and topics – however they will only be sent if we are happy that they will be of interest to the majority of subscribers.

Please leave any feedback in the app or app store as we will review comments to help inform future developments.

What if I already get breaking news alerts from the BBC News App?

BBC News will continue to send very select breaking news alerts relating to major sporting events, while the BBC Sport App will offer a wider range of sport alerts targeted at the more dedicated sports fan.

Also in the app…

In the app you can also:

– Select alerts for your football, rugby or cricket team. Never miss a goal, try or wicket. F1 alerts are available too

– Personalise. In the new My Sport section you can create a page with just the sports and topics that interest you

– See all the same content as on the website – including live video and on-demand highlights

– Cast to your TV. Send the video to the biggest screen in the house.

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