Girl student who survived stabbing attempt fears for her life

Rehmat Mehsud

Islamabad: A female student Khadija Siddiqui who is studying in a private college recalled the horrifying scenes how she was ruthlessly attacked by her class fellow last year, fearing that she would again appear in the exam alongside her attacker.

Shah Hussain who is the son of advocate Sayed Tanvir Hashmi attacked Siddiqui on May 3, days before her final law exams.

Siddiqui recalled she had to pick up her younger sister from school when all in a sudden Hussain, wearing a helmet rushed towards them and attacked her and stabbed her 23 times consecutively.

She said that a murder case was registered in Lahore High Court (LHC) soon after the brazen attack with evidence presented before the court, including video footage which helped identify the attacker.

However, LHC had dismissed pre-arrest bail of the suspect in September 2016 while a sessions court granted him post-arrest bail after two months, she noted.

In a telephonic interview, she said she feared that the same attacker would appear in the exam and he could again attack her.

“This really hurts me as I now fear how I will appear in the exam” she noted.

“Lack of punishment for such criminals will mean opening avenues to commit crimes and escape criminal liability by using their powers. Yet, I believe if I can make our youth, especially young girls stand up for their rights, and not succumb to male brutality at any cost; my fight will be worth it. I want to be the voice for all Pakistani girls,” she added.

However, she expressed serious reservations about the legal system that has failed to bring her attacker to justice.

She said that the attacker had been allowed to walk free because he is from influential community. She vowed that she would fight her case through thick and thin and would not give up.

She recalled that father of the attacker approached her and asked her to give up and forgive his son but she refused on the ground that it would embolden his son to attack another girl tomorrow.

She demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan justice Saqib Nisar to listen to her appeal. She asked other mothers and daughters to stand up and raise their voice against barbarity and injustice.


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