Harmain Al-Sharifain and Al-Aqsa are centers of Muslim unity: Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi

Gujranwala: Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC), Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, said that the people of Pakistan are united and standing along with leadership of Saudi government for security, defense and sanctity of Harmain Al-Sharifain and Masjid-e-Al-Aqsa. PUC chairman stated that Muslim Ummah will not hesitate to lay out any sacrifice for security and stability of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Foreign interference in affairs of Muslim world is root cause for prevailing havoc and confrontation in the Muslim countries. He said Harmain Al-Sharifain and Masjid-e-Al-Aqsa are centers of Muslim unity. Elements making conspiracies to blemish sanctity of the holy centers of Muslims are enemies of Islam and Muslims.

Hafiz Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi express these views while addressing a ‘Tahafuz-e-Harmain Al-Sharifain, Al-Aqsa Conference’ organized by Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Gujranwala chapter at Jamia Masjid Zainab, on Wednesday. Addressing on the occasion he said that that militant organizations are being strengthened to make chaos in Muslim countries. Commenting on prevailing social media campaigning against Pak-Security Forces, Tahir Ashrafi stated that elements fanning these controversial trends on social media are enemies of Pakistan’s security and stability. Prompt action on part of General Qamar Javed Bajwa against General ( R) Asad Durrani is move in right direction.

The conference also adopted a resolution, which condemned killing of Sikh leader in Peshawar stating that security should be provided to notable Ulemas, clerics and non-Muslim leaders to avert such incidents in future.

Addressing the conference, the clerics and leadership of different religious organizations and religious sects underlined that amidst prevailing challenges, leadership of Muslim world have to take realistic steps to rescue oppressed Muslims of Kashmir and Palestine. Leadership of different religious sects and religious organizations also stressed that some conspiring elements are fanning malicious campaigns on social media to make division between people of Pakistan and Pak-Security Forces. The speakers underlined that people of Pakistan are united and committed along Pak-Force to eliminate the menace of terrorism and extremism from Pakistan.

Speaking on this occasion, leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council and other key-note clerics of different religious organizations stated that enemies of Islam and Muslims have been aiming at making confrontation in Msulim world on account of sectarian differences and fanning sectarian violence. For Unity and stability of Pakistan, all the religious schools of thought and religious organizations are united for a stable, progressive and peaceful Pakistan.

Religious leadership of Pakistan have fully supported and endorsed Operation Zarb-e-Azb, National Action Plan and Paigham-e-Pakistan draft with sole objective to eliminate menace of extremism and terrorism from Pakistan. The conference also urged on leadership of world, Islamic Summit and UNO to take stern action against elements making ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia. The clerics underlined that bigotry forces have get united to make havoc in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Another resolution adopted at the conference also demanded of the government to start consultation process with religious and political leadership of the country to ensure legislation of Paigham-e-Pakistan draft. The conference also announced to observe, “Ashra Tahafuz-e-Harmain Al-Sharifain, Al-Aqsa” from 20th Ramadhan to 30th Ramadhan. In this connection, the main programme will be held on 10th June in Nasir Bagh, Lahore. Meanwhile conferences will also be held in Islamabad on 4th June 2018.

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