Imran Series’ novelist Mazhar Kaleem laid to rest

Islamabad: A famed Urdu novelist and lawyer Mazhar Kaleem MA, known for his spy novels ‘Imran Series,’ passed away after a prolonged illness, here on Saturday.

He was 75. His funeral prayers were offered at Abdali Mosque here which were attended by numerous renowned personalities belonging to different segments of the society including poets and lawyers. After the funeral prayers, he was laid to rest in his native graveyard. He was born on July 22, 1942 in Kirri Afghana an area of Multan. His real name was Mazhar Nawaz Khan, however, he was commonly known as Mazhar Kaleem MA.

Mazhar Kaleem, after the death of original creator of Imran Series Ibn-e-Safi, continued the series successfully and had written over 500 books.

He also served as the anchorperson of a Saraiki talk show of Radio Pakistan from Multan Station, “Jamhoor-de-Awaz”. He was also a lawyer and elected as senior vice president of District Bar Association (DBA), Multan.

Some of Kaleem’s popular publications include Makazonga, Sabolate Aager, Shogi Pama, Double White, Kaya Palat, Shalmaak, Bagop, Khamoash Cheikhein, Calendar Killer, Ganja Bhikari, Ladies Secret Service (Imran Fareedi Series), Black Prince, Aika Baan and Hara Kari.

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