DFP: The two faces of India

Srinagar: Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah said on Wednesday in a meeting organized at party’s Srinagar office  that  India  have double standards.

“India has two faces, one which it presents before the world body and the other which it shows to Kashmiris,” Shah said in a statement issued to Global News Service.

The party chairman said India honoured the democratic leader of Myanmar, Aung San Su Kyi with Nehru award for struggling against the army rule of Burma but the Kashmiris who are struggling against the army occupation of India are either shown gallows or sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Kashmiris are aware of such dubious policies of India. Until India gives right to self determination to Kashmiris its people will not have a sound sleep,” Shah said.

The chairman while hailing contribution of Pakistan towards Kashmiris’ freedom struggle said that Pakistan has always supported their cause. “Be it the ruling or opposition every Pakistani political party including Pakistani people have supported us from the day India occupied Kashmir in 1947,” the chairman said adding “we are keeping a close watch over the political activities of both the countries and will welcome every step taken in the interest of Kashmiris”.

Shah said that Kashmiris will not accept the talks between two countries until India shows its seriousness towards resolving the issue. “If India is serious over resolving Kashmir issue then it has to change the ground situation in the region, repeal the draconian laws, withdraw security forces and release political prisoners and without doing so the human rights violations and arrests will continue,” the chairman said.

In the meeting, Shah also pressed for propagating the freedom movement house to house. “Mere publishing the statements on newspapers will not work. We have to prepare ourselves to take the freedom movement to its logical end by propagating the message of freedom to masses,” Shah held.


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