India will never succeed in its inhumane tactics in Kashmir: Altaf Bhat

Lahore: The colorful ceremony of the Asian Media Awards has been transformed into solidarity with Kashmir. The Asian Cultural Association of Pakistan by keeping its more than three-decades-long tradition held the Asian Media and Business Awards ceremony in which Media, Theater and Business personalities were awarded for their superior services. Senior Hurriyat leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat presided over the event, while Senior Vice President PML-Q Chaudhry Muhammad Salim Bariar specially attended the event. The Asian Media Awards ceremony was attributed to the Freedom of Kashmir.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After that, a documentary on Kashmir, “Kashmir tomorrow and today” and a sketch ” Zulum Rahay aur Aman Bhi ho ” was presented. Senior Hurriyat leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat said in his presidential address highlighted the atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and said that atrocities, Persecution, and Oppression has reached their Peak in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India will never succeed in its inhumane tactics. The dark night of oppression in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is coming to an end sooner.

The hearts of the people of Pakistan are striking with the people of occupied Kashmir. People say that there is not a majority of Muslims in Jammu. But the world is not ready to admit the fact that it is happening under a deliberate plot, and On November 6, 1947, five hundred thousand innocent Kashmiri Muslims were martyred in Jammu and that is why there is no majority of Muslims in Jammu today. The Modi government is killing Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, and with the scrapping of Article 370, they want to settle non-Kashmiri Hindus in the region.

He said that the world lobbies are betraying us by asking to resolve Kashmir issue through negotiations, but on the other hand, neither any institution nor any country has come out to stop the atrocities committed by the Modi government on the innocent people of Kashmir. Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that the world wants to eliminate the proportion of the Muslim world and this is the strategy adopted by the Modi government. In spite of such persecution, when the spirit of liberation of the Kashmiri people started to gain more enthusiasm rather than dimming, on August 5th, the Indian government adopted a new tactic and abolished Article 370 and Article 35-A. This led to the elimination of Kashmiris’ Identity, Separate flag and status of Statehood.

The Indian government has restricted the Kashmiris on their own land. Altaf Ahmad Bhat added that there is no jurisdiction in the world that imprisons 8-year-olds in jail but this is happening to the Kashmiri people in India. The Indian government has imprisoned thousands of innocent children in Kashmir. Indian army takes away innocent children in the darkness of the night without any justification after August 8. The youngsters are transferred to torture cells outside the state and third-degree torture is applied to destroy them mentally and physically.

Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that Modi and his supporters Amit Shah and Ajit Doval will have to account for every single atrocity committed on the innocent people of Kashmir. Inshallah, the struggle and sacrifices of Kashmiri people will bear fruit and Kashmir will be free from the dark clouds of India sooner.

Altaf Bhat paid special tribute to Syed Sohail Bukhari  for his 37 years of social and cultural services. All the media personalities here should write to the President of Pakistan and to government that Pir Syed Sohail Bukhari must be awarded the National Award on March 23 or August 14 2020,  for his selfless services of 37 years by appreciating the People from media, theatre and Business, bhat added.

Chaudhry Saleem Baryar on the occasion said that there is a need for a better strategy to control the current political situation in the country. Better working skills in Punjab and the federal are very important as Punjab’s performance has a bearing on the horizon. That the PML-Q is a coalition of the government who is assisting the government in Punjab and the Center, said that it is a matter of great pleasure that the Asian Cultural Association of Pakistan has released the Asian Media Award for media representatives and I am honoured and honoured at this event. And I pay tribute to the services of Pir Syed Sohail Bukhari for showing this great spirit to appreciate media, theatre and Business personalities.

Hurriyat leader Engineer Mushtaq Mehmood congratulated the Asian Cultural Association of Pakistan on highlighting freedom movement Kashmir and said that the countries of the world should support the Kashmiris in their right to self-determination. Asian Media Award recipients included Altaf Ahmad Bhat for his struggle for Kashmir, Sharjeel Anjum Rao, Engineer Mushtaq Mahmood, Shafiq Butt, Naeem Hanif, Arshad Ansari (President Lahore Press Club), Iqbal Chowdhury, Habibullah Mian, Naveed Chaudhry, Zulfiqar Maddah, Zaat Zamani Rahat, Thakur Lahori, Naveen Ali, Qaisar Iftikhar, Mohammad Qurban, Nadeem Nazar, Shahzad Farmosh, Rana Element, Abid Wazir Khan, Mian M.A. Shahid, Kashif Ismail Gujar, Aslam Simab, Wasiq Naeem, Wajahat Zaidi, Imran Raj, Nisar Siddiqui, Shakeel Zahid, Fayyaz Khan (versatile group), Zulfiqar Zulfi, Prof. Nasir Bashir, Prof Naeem Akbar Yasin, Rashid Mahmood, Anwar Rafi.

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