India destroys the peace of Baluchistan through Afghanistan: Hafiz Saeed

Quetta: The Lashkar-e-Taiba founder and Head of Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) Pakistan Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that India is destroying peace of Baluchistan through consulates in Afghanistan and Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is mastermind of conspiracy against Pakistan. JuD chief said all conspiracies of separation of Baluchistan have been foiled and Situation of Baluchistan will be changed in next few years. He was addressing to Difa e Islam Conference held at Pishin Stop organized by JuD Pakistan. Students, traders, lawyers, workers of nationalist organizations and thousands of people from all walks of life participated. Baloch commanders and leaders warmly welcome to Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. President Jamhuri Watan Party Nawabzada Shah Zain Bugti, Nawab Mir Zafarullah Khan Shahwani, Central Leader Jamiat Ulama E Islam (Nazaryati) Moulana Abdul Qadir Loni, Provisional President Tehreek Nojwanan e Pakistan Najeeb Tareen, Chairman Nazriya Pakistan Rabita Council Qari Yaqoob Sheikh, Chairman Falah e Insaniat Foundation Hafiz Abdul Rauf, Ameer Jamaat e Islami Moulana Abdul Kabeer Shakir, Leader of Jamiat Ulama e Islam (S) Mufti Adbul Wahid, Provisional President Tehreek Nojwanan e Pakistan Najeeb Tareen, Chairman Pakistan Green Movement Abdul Hadi Kakar, Head FC Harnai Cool Mines Saeed Agha Shah, Raaz Muhammad Loni Haji Muhammad Raah Oudzai, Rana Muhammad Ishfaq and others addressed to conference.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that Baluchistan’s problems are immense. I say to all political leaders that solution of Ummah’s problems is in Islam and Sharia. UN and human rights organizations have failed to provide justice. As the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) presented a sample of justice in Medina, we will have to work on the same approach. Our entire issue & disputes will end and peace and justice will set. He said that America is inciting India. We do not believe America as superpower. We have Muhammadi world order. We cannot become part of American world order. We totally support CPEC but we say that the Islamic system should be imposed in Pakistan. Problems of Sindh and Baluchistan will be solved. He urges India to quit army from Kashmir and said that India is shedding blood and using chemical weapons in Kashmir. Success of Freedom movement of Kashmir will cause to destroy India. It is need of the hour that Muslims should make own United Nations and courts.

He said that Rulers have to give rights to Baluchistan. I will represent you (Balochs) in Pakistan. We are holding free medical camps in Baluchistan. We have constructed 800 wells in Baluchistan and 1000 in Tharparkar. Water projects will be completed and other relief activities will be continued in Baluchistan. Every possible effort will be tried to redress Baluchistan people’s frustrations. He said that People of Baluchistan are jealous and vibrant nation. We have to close the doors of foreign intervention and to stop relying on others. Stove of Pakistan runs from Baluchistan gas. A large part of CPEC is connected to Baluchistan. CPEC will be successful and Baluchistan and Pakistan will be very strong. Nawabzada Shah Zain Bugti said that Balochs are faithful to Pakistan. It is wrong that we are against Pak army. We all are ready to defend and give sacrifice for Pakistan. He invited Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and his organization to visit Dera Bugti. Mir Zafarullah Khan Shahwani said that India has occupied on Kashmir valley oppressive. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan army to build stability and peace in Pakistan. We have to establish unity in our ranks. We will sacrifice our lives for Pakistan and Baluchistan.

Moulana Abdul Qadir Loni said that India cannot succeed to step in Baluchistan. Pashtun nation is on Border. If India saw with bad intentions then eye will be removed. Qari Yaqoob Sheikh said that Enemies of Islam wants to erase Islamic identity. Muslims are being killed. Hafiz Abdul Rauf said that Balochs are not enemies of Pakistan but some people are angry with Pakistanis. Basic human facilities are not available in many areas of Baluchistan. People of Baluchistan reject Modi’s policy of separation, they stand with Hafiz Saeed. Muhammad Ishfaq JuD District Nazim of Quetta said that every person of Baluchistan is Pakistan lover. India is destroying peace of Baluchistan. We clearly say that freedom movement of Kashmir will cause destruction of India. They said that Islam is not religion of extremism but America and Europe are extremists which oppose Islamic teachings. Muslims are being tyrannized Kashmir, Burma and Syria. We will struggle with Hafiz Muhammad Saeed against atrocities on Muslims in entire world.

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