Israel allows shipment of medical supplies to Gaza to combat COVID-19

GAZA: Israel allowed the shipment of medical supplies and maintenance equipment to the Gaza Strip to combat COVID-19, Israeli and Palestinian officials on Tuesday, reported by Chinese news network Xinhua. 

Abdulatif el-Haj, director of international cooperation in the Hamas-ruled Ministry of Health told that his ministry received the medical supplies and maintenance equipment.

Colonel Iyad Sarhan, the Israeli commander of the headquarters of liaison with the Palestinian side said in a press statement that his office cooperates with WHO to help improve the health system in the Gaza Strip.

“We provide the Gaza Strip populations the best solutions not only in health sector but also in other different sectors,” said Colonel Iyad Sarhan, . He added that “Israel contributes to preventing the spread of the coronavirus in the Gaza Strip by taking an active role in global efforts in this regard.”

The medical supplies and maintenance equipment were brought to the Gaza Strip through the Israeli-controlled Erez Crossing Point on the borders with Israel in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Health Ministry officials in Gaza said that 10 cases infected with the virus had been recorded amid fear that a lack of medical supplies may lead to a disaster if the epidemic spreads in the coastal enclave.

The Gaza Strip, home to two million Palestinians, is ruled by Islamic Hamas Movement and has been under an Israeli blockade for more than 13 years.

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