Kashmir: Myths and Ground Reality

By Muhammad Rafique Ganaie

10 myths upon which Indian policy relies upon to handle Kashmir dispute versus ground reality which is neither preplanned nor mapped. India applied hard power fallowed by soft power Vis-à-vis blend of multi level strategies resulted to stretch her rule in her controlled  territory up to seven decades but it remained still a distant dream to win hearts of people .

1) Use of lethal force equipping legally trigger happy forces as per Armed Special powers Act (APSPA) empowered to kill resistance but ground reality says it intensified degree of hatred against India and augmented precipitation of emotions  to highest degree and precarious level  when masses rushed towards Indian military barracks of 15th core stationed in Srinagar, knowing  its cost.

2) Pooling ratio during assembly elections had pacified the resistance struggle however it augmented the degree of alienation and exposed hallow promises of main stream. It dented badly Indian constituency in Kashmir. 23 Parliamentary and Assembly elections have yielded only result i.e. exposed the high percentage of mandate.

3) Proxy leadership is soft power of who managed the Indian rule since decades but this leadership proved pseudo when recent  crisis emerged after custodial killing of Muzzaffar Wani depicts that entire investment upon mainstream politicians is in doll drums stamped strategic fact that New-Delhi had lone  reliable instrument available i.e. Army.

4)  Caging resistance camp leadership Like Masrat Aalam etc will exhaust them in torture cells and dishearten masses but new resistance leadership is budding from suppressed one, younger generation is clearer in their objective.

5) Divide and rule will work always but it backfired and brought two divergent poles that have been at draggers drawn ideologically since decades resulted JKLF and Geelani are at one platform.

6) Deferment will hatch polarization but every bullet short neutralized an Indian policy therefore brought resistance again at square one.

7) Tagging Kashmir struggle against Hindu majority is being rejected by peace loving community of India though in minority but their number is increasing qualitatively and qualitatively from Delhi to Bengal.

8) Selling globally, Islamabad’s Involvement in sponsoring the armed struggle gave birth to the indigenous breed of the resistance which is more popular and deep rooted.

9) Framing Kashmir’s terrorist, secessionist and fundamentalist is answered by globally recognized academic community of Jawhar Lal Nehru University having campus in capital Delhi. Ex Core Commander of 15th core Gen,Hasnain had answered the question.

10)  Gaining time will pacify the resistance but it augmented power of resilience therefore 5th generation is more determined, devoted Vis-à-vis full of conviction.

Keeping above myths in consideration it is imperative to give a gentle reminder to Mr. India on ground reality after 31 days of curfew in Kashmir with humble submission that current scenario in Kashmir has strong co-variance with Indian freedom struggle against colonialism. The imperialistic military machinery declared Mangal Panday terrorist and fugitive Vis-à-vis hanged him on the charges of treason though he was sepoy of 24th Bengal Native infantry (BNI) paid to be loyal for occupational forces of Britain however he was Indian Hero. Bhagat Sigh was hanged on 23th March 1931 on the charges of confession. Subash Chander Bose was declared terrorist by British India. In both situations there is resemblance that Royal Army was well equipped and Indian masses were empty handed. The interpretation of mightier prevailed till their power lost the breath. Same is current situation of Kashmir, Imperialism was relying upon sole instrument i.e. military might. India is exercising her hard power in Kashmir since 1947 besides political measures to pacify the dispute. India is trying conflict management by pumping huge money and resources with conflict transformation approaches while avoiding conflict resolution. But the difference is there when Turkish masses laid in front of tanks at same dates when Kashmir’s were killed by Indian forces. Turk soldiers of soil halted exercise of hard  power contrary to Indian war machine in Kashmir killed 70  natives while injured and handicapped hundruds more because soldiers were outsiders hving no affiliation with soil. The issue is how outsiders can ask identification of the natives .Indian resisted when outsiders enslaved them as Kashmiri resist. History is testimony Britain were relying on myths empowered by war machine of imperialism so is the case of India in Kashmir. The myth is cemented in power of India while as reality is empty handed so differences and resemblance will yield little result but after repeated tests result will remain same till might gives little space to ground reality which is under curfew since 31 consecutive days in her occupation in Kashmir.

The Writer is General Secretary Jammu Kashmir Muslim League, he can be reached at # rafiqganieml@gmail.com

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