Kashmiri diaspora reacts strongly over killing of innocent elderly citizen in Kashmir

Arif Qureshi

Islamabad: The Kashmiri diaspora leaders strongly condemned the recent killings of an innocent civilian, Bashir Ahmed Khan, in front of his three-year-old grandson in occupied Kashmir.

Raja Najabat Hussain, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Self-determination Movement International (JKSDMI), Lord Nazir Ahmed, member of the British House of Lords, Chaudhry Muhammad Azeem, President of the All Parties Kashmir Coordination Committee UK,   Hafiz Fazal Ahmad Qadri Chairman of Sunni Hurriyat Council UK in a joint statement said that the latest killing of an elderly civilian was enough to open the eyes of the international community and human rights organizations.

They said such tragic tragedies are happening in Kashmir every day and we demand UN and international community to take notice of worst kind of continued barbarism by Indian PM Modi government in Kashmir since last August.

Prominent Kashmiri leader and Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Self-determination Movement International (JKSDMI), Raja Najabat Hussain said that the martyrdom of a 65-year-old senior citizen in front of his grandson was not only tragic and painful but also a slap in the face to the laws and principles of international organizations and international human rights organizations.

JKSDMI chief said that New Delhi was holding eight million Kashmiris incommunicado during a raging pandemic while continuing to suppress their struggle for self-determination through arbitrary arrests and disappearances, torture and the use of pellet guns.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, member of the British House of Lords, said that June has been the most difficult month for Kashmiris. Indian forces have broken down the mountains of barbarism this month. In the last six months, 329 Kashmiris have been martyred. Yesterday, a 65-year-old man was taken out of a car in front of his innocent granddaughter and shot, and the innocent child fell on his grandfather’s body. The world conscience was shaking against this oppression.

British MP said that it is not enough to condemn this oppression of India, but to go to the world court against this worst oppression of India and to put the politicians and rulers of India in a quandary.

Lord Nazir said that the Jammu Kashmir Self-determination Movement International (JKSDMI) is in touch with the British and European Members of Parliament in this regard so that the latest situation in Kashmir can be raised in these British and European Parliaments.

President of the All Parties Kashmir Coordination Committee, UK Chaudhry Muhammad Azeem, said that curfew and lockdown in Kashmir has been going on for a year but there has been no effective response from the international community.

Chaudhr Azeem said that the ongoing atrocities and serious human rights violations in Kashmir are tarnishing the image and dignity of international human rights organizations.

Chairman of Sunni Hurriyat Council UK Hafiz Fazal Ahmad Qadri said that we stand with the Kashmiris movement and will continue to fight the case of oppressed Kashmiris at the diplomatic level across the world.

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