Kazakhstan: Opening To the World

Zaman Bajwa

Tourism industry is growing rapidly as globalization remains in the Focus , because of the economic benefits that it provides to the country. The positive effects of tourism such as supporting balance of payments by creating foreign currency inflow, creating employment, and supporting foreign trade, infrastructure and superstructure; its development is encouraged not only by developing countries but also developed countries.

Like many other Central Asian countries that opened their doors to the world in accordance with political developments and changes in the world, Kazakhstan is trying to determine her economical choices and priorities through macro economical plans in order to meet her limitless needs with her limited resources.

Travel lovers always remain in search to explore new places and Kazakhstan is a perfect destination for them. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, having a unique location between the two economic powers Russia and China. The most interesting thing is that less than 20 million people live on  2,724,900 square kilometres vast territory, and the people of Kazakhstan themselves call it “the country of the Great Steppe”.

Streets are very wide in the country and less crowded. The main thing that is especially worth paying attention to is the multi-faceted nature of Kazakhstan. A place where you can see steppes that stretch for  miles, high mountains, beautiful lakes, relax in a ski resort and take a walk in the forests.

The Capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan (formerly called Astana) will also surprise by its beautiful architecture, tall glass buildings of various shapes coexist with brightly painted apartments, nearby parks and squares with monuments.

Nur-Sultan is called the political, administrative, business and cultural center of the state, the capital has long been known to the world as a city where important issues are being resolved. The Congress of Leaders of World Religions, the OSCE Summit, and negotiations on the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict took place here in different years. The city also hosted the international specialized tourism exhibition EXPO-2017. The capital of Kazakhstan will definitely appeal to lovers of tourism business.

Almaty, Southern Part of Kazakhstan in the foothills of the Trans lli Alatau is also a vacations destination. This beautiful city and its surroundings are known for their picturesque landscapes and modern ski resort Shymbulak which is the largest ski resort in Central Asia. The city itself has a very rich and interesting history, about which the names of streets, monuments and wooden buildings of the last century seem to be trying to tell. The residents of this city are living a very clam life away from hurry of modern cities.

In the middle of Almaty, the largest Botanical Garden in the republic is located on a vast territory, where almost all known plant species are represented: pine, linden and maple alleys, a Japanese garden, taiga and even the tropics are planted there. In its depths there is a flower greenhouse. Birds nest on tree tops, squirrels jump from branch to branch.

The city is surrounded by mountains, so gives a view that nature is watching it from all sides. You can climb the Kok-Tobe Mountain, equipped with a leisure park and special viewing platforms, from where you can see a magnificent panorama of the city, almost every building can be seen directly from the square.

Tour to Almaty is not complete without a visit to the Charyn Canyon, an amazing place. Many tourists who have been here have noted that they can truly breathtaking when they see these magnificent rocks stretching along the Charyn River. On the territory of the canyon there are a lot of animals, and unique plants that have survived from the times of the Ice Age.

Another natural landmark near Almaty is the Kolsay Lakes with an unprecedented beauty of three lakes in the Northern Tien Shan. Azure water framed by the most beautiful mountain slopes and forests attracts more and more nature lovers every year. It’s a family picnics point with camping and horse riding.

In the north of Kazakhstan there are many resorts like Burnaby. The residents of the capital like to relax on the weekends there. Spreading coniferous forests attract lovers of active recreation and those wishing to relax “effortlessly” can sit for a whole day on the beaches of Burabai, Shchuchye, Bolshoy and Malaya Chebachye lakes.

The largest southern cities of Kazakhstan – Shymkent and Taraz the green oases of the republic, which welcome guests with many colors and flavors, where it is always warm and light.

Ethnic tourism is another aspect of Kazakhstan because of its rich historical and cultural heritage. Recently, a project was developed to revive the Great Silk Road a grand trade route that used to connect East and West, where many historical monuments are located. One of such historical monuments is the city of Turkestan, which has preserved the ancient town planning structure with historical caravan roads along which the main roads of the modern city.

In the west of the country there is also something to admire besides the Caspian Sea. Here are the underground mosques Beket-Ata, Shopan-Ata and Karaman-Ata, the mausoleum of Omar and Tura, the necropolis of the Mangyshlak peninsula, the complex of monuments “Bokeevskaya Orda” and the ancient settlement “Saraishyk”.

Ecological tourism is popular in the East Kazakhstan region. People visit here to see objects of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum “Berel”, Lake Alakol, Kalzhirsky Canyon, Katon-Karagai State National Natural Park.

The country also has a program “Sacred Kazakhstan”, designed to show and tell about the symbols of the historical, cultural heritage and the national unity of the state. Among these sacred places is Mount Aulietau, where the ancient tombs of the prophet Zarathustra, Zhoshy Khan, Alash Khan, Tokhtamysh Khan, Biya Edige and other prominent ancestors of the people are located.

Not one visitor and mausoleums – Khoja Ahmet Yasoui, Aisha Bibi, Babaji Khatun, Alasha-khan, Zhuban-Ana, as well as the memorial-historical museums – “Karlag” and “ALZHIR” will not leave indifferent to the history.

In recent years, cultural and educational tourism has become more popular in the world than beach and sports. It is much more interesting to recognize people living with you on the same planet, their history, life, culture and traditions. And in this regard, it is certainly worth to explore the beautiful Kazakhstan.

The writer is Islamabad based Human Rights Activists and free lance Journalist, he can be reached at zeebajwa@gmail.com  Twitter @zamanbajwaa  

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