Kunanposhpora Reminds Us the Brutal Face of Indian Democracy; Muhmmad Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik said that Kunanposhpora sad Incident reminds us the state terrorism and brutal face of Indian democracy. Reminding the Kunanposhpora incident Yasim Malik was of the opinion that Dishonor of our sacred mothers and sisters in 1991, at Kunanposhra remains a glaring example of Indian state terrorism in Jammu Kashmir and reminds us the brutal oppressive face of Indian democracy.

On the martyrdom day of late pilot Nadeem Khateeb, Yasin Malik said that Nadeem Khateeb was true son of our soil who sacrificed his life for the freedom of his nation and his struggle is a glorious page of our resistance history. Yasin said that martyr Nadeem left his prosperous life and sacrificed himself in obscurity. He said that martyr Ndeem Khateeb is and will be always remembered and today we pray to our almighty to accept his martyrdom and bestow him with high honors in paradise.

According to a statement issued by his spokesman Yasin Malik called the Kunanposhra in 1991 incident as a black stain on the face of Indian democracy when our sacred mothers and sisters were dishonored by Indians. Today after 25 years that horror and reign of terror unleashed by Indian forces reminds us the brutality of Indian democracy in Jammu Kashmir, added by Malik. He said that till date no soldier or officer has been penalized or even booked for that inhuman and savage like attack on women of Kashmir.

Yasin Malik said that Indian politicians and their stooges in Kashmir who day in and day out talk about democracy, rule of law, Ahemsa and humanity of Indian state have been and are shielding these criminals till date. In fact it is the backing of these people that has encouraged Indian forces to kill Lakhs of Kashmiris, disappear in custody thousands , kill in custody thousands, bury thousands in unmarked graves , destroy Kashmiri villages and business establishments, and above all attack the chastity of women during these years, added Yasin Malik.

He said that Kashmiri despite all these oppressive measures and brutalities have stood firm and have never shunned their demand for freedom and today we pledge that we will do everything possible to take the mission of our great martyrs to its desired end

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