London Freedom March was a referendum against the Modi steps: Raja Fahim Kayani

London: President Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK), Raja Fahim Kayani said that the London Freedom March was a referendum against the Modi steps which he has taken to dump the Kashmir dispute, adding this policy of India towards Kashmir will neither work nor ensure peace and security in the region. “Kashmiris have been forced to live inside their homes since last one month and are not allowed to practice their religious duties. Nobody knows what is happening in IOK and in which condition they all are,” TeK President Raja Fahim Kayani added.

British Kashmiris organized a Kashmir Freedom March in London on Tuesday to express solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK ) who are in siege and curfew since August 5. Carrying Kashmiri flags and banners inscribed with the pro-freedom slogans the thousands of Kashmiris settled in the different cities of United Kingdom (UK) gathered outside Parliament Square and shouted full throat slogans like “ terrorist, terrorist Modi terrorst’ and “ we want freedom from India”. Later the thousands of protesters marched from Parliament Square to Indian High Commission London to record their protest against the continuous siege and curfew in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK )  where people are running from the shortage of food and medicines.

On the occasion Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Farooq Haider said that Kashmiris want freedom from India and appealed the world community to come forward and stop the genocide of IoK people. Opposition leader Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin said it is now the duty of world community in general and UK in particular to come forward and end the sufferings of IoK people who are  being beaten , arrested and harassed without any crime on daily basis by Indian army.

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) AJK President Barrister Sultan Mahmood said that people of Kashmir want to see UK role to settle Kashmir dispute as per the wishes of Kashmiris. “ It is now time for world community to act and protect the human rights of IoK people who are the worst victims of Indian state terrorism,” Barrister added.

Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir said that it is time for the global powers to save the South Asia from the nuclear conflict that can engulf the region at any time, adding people of IoK will never compromise on their basic and political rights granted by United Nations to decide about their future. Speaker Qadir appealed the all global human rights bodies to put pressure on India for lifting the curfew and end siege of innocent 8 million humans of IoK which have been fighting for their rights since long.

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