Matloob-ur-Rehman alias ‘Zakoota’ passes away

Islamabad: Popular for his character Zakoota in comedy drama ‘Ainak Wala Jin’, TV artist Matloob-ur-Rehman alias Munna Lahori passed away here in Lahore late on Friday.

According to family sources, the actor was suffering from paralysis. He was taken to Mayo Hospital where his condition deteriorated.

Munna Lahori became famous after performing the character of ‘Zakoota’ in children’s comedy TV series “Ainak Wala Jinn” in 1993, the serial continued until 1996.

One of his favourite dialogues and leitmotifs was “Mujhe Kaam Btao, Mein Kya Karoon, Mein Kisko Khaon” became a household thing for many children of that time.

The popular serial continued until 1996 and his character Zakoota became a fan favourite, and many who watched the show still remember his iconic dialogue, “Mujhe kaam batao, mein kya karoun, mein kis ko khaun?”

On October 14, 2017 Ainak Wala Jin‘s Bil Batori – actor Nusrat Ara also passed away.


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