Maulana Abdul Rashid, an emerging political figure from Waziristan to contest upcoming election

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Islamabad: An emerging social worker from South Waziristan tribal region, Maulana Abdul Rashid is a widely known figure in today’s Waziristan because of his voluntary services to his community and families who have just been repatriated to their hometowns after almost 10 years long displacement.

“The greatest aim of a person should be to serve people irrespective because our community has witnessed unspeakable ordeals during the war on terror,” Rashid remarked. Though a religious leader, he said that he is busy to facilitate people in their day to day life and even helping them in making their documents such as domicile certificates and CNICs in the local administration.

“Maulana Abdul Rashid is really a kind hearted person. He is a Maulvi among religious leaders and friend of young generation simultaneously. He leaves no stone unturned to facilitate our poverty stricken people who have returned to their devastated homes just recently,” Wali Muhammad, a longtime friend of Maulana Abdul Rashid noted.

Naturally a human being feels happy in social life and shoulder untold responsibilities to contribute to build a vibrant society— the momentum lead to nation building process.

Islam has set certain rules to build a society where rights of every individual are safeguarded and justice served in a cordial, free and fair environment. Islam stresses to serve humanity and in return you will find mental and physical satisfaction, Rashid added.

Wali said that Maulana Abdul Rashid has great contribution to help the poor, needy and deserving people of his area, who could prove the genuine political figure from Waziristan to represent his people in the parliament.

“Maulana Rashid is a respected personality, has great sympathy for his community who is always dressed in his Waziristani dress by wearing turban even if he visits abroad,” Wali recalled.

Maulana Rashid belongs to Toorwam, a dusty hamlet in Khaisoor area of South Waziristan tribal region, who spend his brilliant 27 years of his life at his hometown amid intense poverty.

The region from where Abdul Rashid belongs has been left underdeveloped by successive governments, which experienced unprecedented mayhem and turmoil during the last 15 years.

“My area is under the grip of intense poverty amid widespread deprivations among people. The mass exodus of tribal families forced tribal families to get their kids educated and now that educated class want development of the entire FATA region at par with the developed parts of the country. I will raise the voice of my people from the platform of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) or JUI-F to ensure facilities of health, education and clean drinking water in my area,” he reiterated.

Abdul Rashid attended school only to primary class but couldn’t get higher education because of certain challenges such as absence of nearby school and rampant poverty.

“I was leading a life for 27 years without any clear targets or directions at my hometown Khaisoor. But there is an old saying that a turning point comes in one’s life and same occurred to me when I was almost hopeless,” he recalled.

All in a sudden after joining the Tablighi Jamaat in his early 30, Rashid opted to get admission in Jamia Mehmoodia Waziristan from where he emerged as Maulana Abdul Rashid.

He has the credit to be the student of former MNA and martyred Maulana Mairajuddin Mehsud at Jamia Mehmoodia. After that, Maulana Rashid proceeded to Mardan, a district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) where he took admission at Jamia Islamia Jamhooria for higher Islamic education.

After studying for two years at Jamhooria, he then returned to Darul Ulum Waziristan, a renowned seminary of late MNA and martyred Maulana Noor Muhammad in Wana, the headquarters of South Waziristan Agency where he completed Dawra-e-Hadith.

He also served as a teacher at the seminary of former MNA Maulana Abdul Malik in Spin, a town on the outskirts of Wana.

“I will spare rest of my time to serve my people and area because I witnessed the destruction of my area during the years long war on terror,” he noted.

He said that military operations against militants in South Waziristan have damaged the entire infrastructure and there is dire need to build schools, hospitals and restore communication facilities.

“I myself spent eight years in displacement and witnessed unspeakable problems during those years. Now I want to contribute to the progress, prosperity and development of my area,” he noted.

He said that he has now practically jumped into the arena of politics for the only purpose to ensure development of Waziristan.

“I hope that the JUI-F will give me ticket to contest the 2018 election from the party platform. However, if I fail to get the party’s ticket then I will contest election as an independent candidate,” he remarked.

Maulana Abdul Rashid has unprecedented aesthetic qualities and he is among the best Pashtu poets. In Pashtu poetry, he is known as Abdul Rashid Watanpal who has formally kicked off his election campaign in his area.

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