MJAH announces to defend Haramain Sharifain and support Kashmir and Palestine issues

|By Arif Qureshi| August, 21, 2016

Islamabad:Speakers unanimously said that Muslim countries should establish their own platform of United Muslim Nations. We should not permit any one including united states to divide the Muslim Ummah. This gathering condemns the terrorist attack in Madnia Munwara on 29th Ramadan at Masjid Nabwvi Sharif and suicide blast in Queeta city of Baluchistan by Islamic State (Daesh) and Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in which innocent lawyers and journalists were killed. This conference appreciated the efforts of political and military leadership to restore peace in the country and announce that that nation will sacrifice everything needed to restore peace in the country. The role of OIC is very important and Muslims across the globe hope that OIC will fulfill the aspirations of Muslim Ummah.

They were addressing an international Defense of Haramain Sharifain and Unity of Ummat Conference organized by Markazi Jamiat Ahlehadith (MJAH) Pakistan on Sunday at convention Centre in Islamabad.  Political and religious parties head, diplomats and a large number of activists of religious organizations participated in the conference. Saudi ambassador to Pakistan Abdullah Al-marzoq Zahrani, Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan Sadiq Babir Jarmeen, Information Minister Parveez Rashid, Palestine Ambassador to Pakistan walid Abu Ali, Imam Masjid Aqsa Palestine Doctor Ukrma Saeed Sabri, Liaqat Baloch, Maulana Sami ul Haq, Maulana Fazal Rehman Khalil, Hamid ul Haq, Abdul Gafoor Haidri, Professor Sajid Mir, Hafiz Abdul Karim, Ali Muhammad Abu Turab, Sajjad Qamar, ambassador of Bahrain Muhmmad Ibrahim Abdul Qadir, Sheikh Adil Abdul Rehman Al-Mawarha, Doctor Abdul Rehman Al-ganam were prominent who addressed the conference.  

The international conference issued the joint statement of the conference after, according to joint statement gathering supported the 34 country alliance of Muslim countries under the leadership of Saudi Arabia. This gathering fully supports the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic corridor) and ensures that Pakistani people will play its role to defeat the conspiracies of enemies of CPEC. We hope Government should adopt a policy which through all the regions of Pakistan will benefit through CPEC.


It was said in deceleration that Kashmir is Juggler vein of Pakistan as said by founder of Pakistan Quaid Azam Muhmmad Ali Jinnah. Today’s gathering condiment the atrocities of Indian ccupied forces against innocent civilians in Kashmir. We demand from United Nations to solve the Issue according the United Nations resolutions through plebiscite. Today gathering also condemn the recent statement of Indian prime Minister Narndra Modi about Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltastan.

The gathering announced that the religious seminaries (Madarais) are the forts of Islam. No conspiracies will be beard against these Madarises. We appreciate the government of Pakistan announcement to declare compulsory education of Quran Karim from primary to matric.

The gathering appreciates the role of Saudi Arabia for their excellent arrangements of Hajj and Umrah every year. And no one should be allowed to politicize this grand event of Muslim Ummah. todays’s gathering hope if Saudi Arabia empowered with Nuclear weapons that will be in favor of Muslim World.


Conference condemned the undemocratic attempt to change the elected government of turkey and appreciate the role to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoganto serves his country. oday gathering fully support and back the freedom movement of people of Palestine, and condemn the interference of other countries in Syria, yeman and bahrin.  Today’s gathering appeal from the international Community to play its role to stop the Genocide of Barman Innocent people.

Today’s gathering unanimously announced to establish the form of “ Difa Harmeen Movement” . It was said there is a hard need to strengthen this platform. And this platform will play its role to highlight the importance of haramain sharifain in the hearts of people of Pakistan.

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