MP Afzal Khan appointed as Labour Party’s Shadow Foreign Office Minister

Arif Qureshi

Islamabad: MP Afzal Khan has been appointed as one of the Labour Party’s Shadow Foreign Office Ministers in the British Parliament, he will take responsibility for Sub-Saharan Africa, the Commonwealth, China and Hong Kong, and parts of South Asia. These areas of the world face enormous challenges in the twenty-first century. “I am proud to be joining Labour’s Shadow Foreign Affairs team and working with Emily Thornberry alongside other fantastic colleagues. And, as the Labour voice I will shine a light on these issues and challenges being faced by these regions”, Afzal Khan posted at

He said the world today is an increasing fractious and precarious place. Now more than ever, the UK must look to build close ties with our neighbors and friends around the world.

MP Afzal Khan said that as the climate emergency worsens, the impact of extreme weather will be most acutely felt across the Global South, from devastating droughts across Saharan Africa to catastrophic flooding in Bangladesh. More must be done to bring together global action on climate change to ensure we mitigate its worst effects and stop the rise in global temperatures, he added.

We must work together to safeguard the human rights of all people around the world. This means challenges regimes who violate the human rights of their citizens, be this the persecution of the Uighur by the Chinese Government or safeguarding the rights of the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka.

Earlier MP Afzal Khan launched the “Pakistani Diaspora Philanthropy in the UK” study report in Parliament. The project has been commissioned by the British Council (Research, Evaluation and Monitoring Unit), in collaboration with the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP), with the aim of identifying the role that the Pakistani diaspora can play in contributing to the social and economic progress of Pakistan.

The report highlights the meaningful contributions which are made by the 1.3 million British Pakistanis particularly in times of natural disasters & investing in education & health projects. A key aspect is an assessment of the existing potential of and motivations for giving to various social causes within Pakistan and the UK-based community.

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