Muslims in Xinjiang love the country and Islam

Abdul Hafez Isarhaq

I am a member of the Promotion Association for Patriotism, Islam and Peace in Malaysia. I am mainly engaged in the research of the patriotic and religious ideological and behavioral state of Malaysian Muslims and Muslims in foreign countries. I investigate and analyze how they adhere to the teaching principles of the Qur’an and how they get along with the local government, and how they strike a balance to be a law-abiding and patriotic Islamist.

The Qur’an and the Hadith emphasize that Muslims must have the spirit and ideology of patriotism, and stress that patriotism is not only a fine tradition of Islam, but also a duty of Muslims. The holy prophet Muhammad has set an example in above regard. Islam has always maintained that in order to establish firm patriotism, unity must be valued and strengthened. This unity is not only among Muslims, but also between Muslims and non-Muslims. According to the Qur’an, “You should all adhere to the ropes of believing Allah and should not split yourself.” The holy prophet Muhammad also emphasized, “Each Muslim is indeed brick of a building that is tied to each other.” He stresses that  the unity among Muslims is the foundation of building homes and developing the country. The unity between Muslims and non-Muslims is the primary condition for creating a harmonious social environment in the country, and he advocates that the two parties should respect each other, understand each other, be friendly, and live in harmony.

Recently, I have focused on researching the patriotic and religious development state of Muslims in Xinjiang, China. In particular, in December 2019, U.S. , with hegemonism, interfered with China’s internal affairs. The U.S. House of Representatives considered and passed the so-called 2019 Uyghur Human Rights Policy Bill, which ignores China’s objective facts and distorts and unjustly accuses the human rights situation in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China and the Chinese government’s policies on governing Xinjiang. The Chinese government expresses its strong indignation and resolute opposition. At the Promotion Association for Patriotism, Islam and Peace in Malaysia, we advocate that Muslims in all countries must strictly abide by the Hadith, be patriotic and love Islam, oppose the use of violence to endanger the personal safety of the people, and oppose the hegemonism of the United States and other Western countries in unscrupulously interfering in the sovereignty of other countries. With regard to China’s Xinjiang issue, I have obtained a lot of research and concluded that it is traditional for Chinese Muslims to be patriotic and love Islam, and the holy prophet Muhammad once taught that “patriotism is part of the Imani (belief)”. The patriotic tradition of Chinese Muslims was gradually developed in China before and after the formation of the Chinese Muslim ethnic groups since Islam was introduced into China. The ancestors of Chinese Muslims were not only faithful to their own beliefs, practicing various Islamic teachings and doctrines, obeying the Lord and obeying the Holy, and becoming qualified Muslims, but also combined the teaching of “peace”, “submission” and moral cultivation advocated in Islamic classics with the thoughts of “kindheartedness and filial piety”, “obedience to the rulers”, “respecting the old and loving the young” and the thought that “peace is most precious” advocated in the traditional Chinese culture, forming a long-standing patriotic tradition.

Moreover, Islam itself means peace and solidarity, and the love of peace and patriotism is the essence of Islam. However, certain religious extreme forces in Xinjiang, China, in order to achieve the political purpose of undermining unity and splitting their country, are wearing religious clothes, carrying religious flags, wantonly distorting religious doctrines, and advocating such extreme ideas as “holy war into religion” , which deceives the religious masses, deliberately incites national hatred, enticing some people to leave the right path of faith and go astray, and even embark on a no return path that tramples on national laws and tramples the lives of the masses.

Allah said in the Qur’an, “Everyone who kills one person is like killing all people while whoever saves one person is like saving everyone.” However, those inhumane terrorists in Xinjiang held up the banner of Islam but indiscriminately killing innocent people, not only trampling on the law, but also violating Islam’s doctrine of persuading people to do good and be patriotic. I call on Muslim compatriots who are being patriotic and love Islam all over the world to use our rationality, firmness, tolerance, and solidarity to bravely fight resolutely against ethnic separatist forces, acts of violence and terror, and religious extremism, and to unite together to maintain world peace and stability.

In Islamic teachings, every Muslim is taught to obey the Lord, honor the holy, and obey the governor. That is, all the Muslims should not only believe in the Lord in the religious beliefs, but also obey the leader of the governor, and abide by the national policies and laws. From the perspective of Islam, Muslims in Xinjiang must strictly abide by the Islamic teachings and laws, while from the perspective of law, every Muslim must abide by the laws and regulations of China, the country where he live. Muslims in Xinjiang, China have always had a tradition of abiding by Islamic doctrines and canons, as well as a tradition of obeying rulers. Therefore, I hope that the Islamic believers in Xinjiang, China, must be a good Muslim and at the same time be a good citizen of the People’s Republic of China.

The writer is Executive Vice Secretary-General,the Promotion Association for Patriotism, Islam and Peace in Malaysia



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