Nations Fostering Cultural Heritage Remain Successful: President Mamnoon Hussain

Islamabad: President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday, while addressing closing ceremony of Abdul Majeed Parveen Raqam Youth Calligraphy Competition has said that severing ties with heritage leads to lagging behind among community of nations and  the nations promoting their cultural heritage remained successful in all sphers of life.

The president appreciated the strenuous efforts of National History and Literary Division under the inspiring leadership of  Irfan Siddiqui, Adviser to the Prime Minister for revival of this art.He said the exhibition of different forms of calligraphy by young calligraphers showed that cultural legacy of Muslims was being transferred from one generation to the other and the artistic expressions by the young Pakistani practitioners was a reflection of this bright cultural heritage.

The President said attributing this activity to renowned calligrapher Abdul Majeed Raqam was itself commendable and provided an opportunity to pay tribute to the people who contributed significantly in the field of calligraphy. He said there was a time when the art of calligraphy like oriental medicine, classical music and other fine arts was transferred from one generation to another in specific families. He mentioned Masjid-e-Nabvi in Medina where Ustaad Shafiq uz Zaman from Pakistan demonstrated his true love and dedication in the form of his remarkable artistic designs.

The president said the nations that followed the path of development by neglecting their cultural heritage ultimately failed as compared to those which remained connected to their cultural heritage. He said cultural values created such a depth and beauty in the conduct and lifestyle of the culturally rich nations like Pakistan which became a guarantee of their success and development. He said cultural values provided basis for educational, cultural and economic development besides enhancing the passion for progress among the people.

The president said the work of young calligraphers was not limited to pen and paper but was a national service, adding that manifestation of calligraphy could also be found in all Muslim countries including Turkey and Iran.
He emphasized that instead of becoming indifferent towards fine arts due to invention of modern era, focus should be given to promotion of the art and culture because it was the course followed by the developed nations.
Irfan Siddiqui highlighted the importance of calligraphy competition.


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