New Religious Form Launches in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Announcement of restoration of Milli Yakjehti Council has been made in order to promote religion harmony in the country. Former Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad would be the chairman of the committee about to reestablishment of the council. The committee will call representative meeting of all sects and would announce the names of responsible members of the council.

All people have been agreed to start the movement in order to implement the recommendations of Islamic Ideology Council on behalf of council.

In order to promote the harmony between different sects, the practical and research committee will be established. A committee will also be established in order to prepare one speech at the Juma sermons. An autonomous apex board will be established in order to assess the complaints of morality violation. Code of ethics consisting on 17 points has been announced.

These announcements were made at the end of conference topic was Itehad-e-Umat-Islami of more than 25 religious parties and organizations. In press conference JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch read out the joint declaration of conference; meanwhile Qazi Hussain Ahmad read out the code of ethics of the council; meanwhile JI Amir Syed Munawar Hassan, Chief of Islami Tehreek Allama Syed Sajid Naqvi, Chief of JUI-Ideology Maulana Abdu-ur-Rahim Naqashbandi, the veteran leader of JUI-F Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, JuD leader Professor Abdulur-Rahman Makki, Naib-Khateeb Red Mosque Maulana Aamir Sadique, former minister of KPK Siraj-ul-Haq, former senator Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan were also present on the occassion. Further more, the representatives from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan and Secretary General Wafaq-ul-Madaris Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari were also present in the conference.

According to the declaration under the Milli Yakjehti Council and Ittehad-e-Ummat it is said that all the representatives of the religious sects back the declaration of the conference held at the Marriot Hotel here on Monday.

The declaration said that the participants of the meeting are united that the honur of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the basic of the faith of the Muslims, adding that the person who commits the Blasphemy of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be hanged according to the Islam, adding that any amendment in this law would be rejected and opposed.

All the leaders of the different sects would be respected, adding that the respect of holy places of all the sects would be ensured, adding that the show of arms and especially illegal arms at the religious congregations and mosques would be banned, adding that such speeches would be made at the religious congregations and Juma sermons, which would help strengthen unity in the Muslims, adding that the Ulema of different religious groups would address the same public gatherings to promote religious harmony.

It is also said in the declaration that the things which are common in all religious factions would be highlighted and would be published and promoted, adding that the differences between the different religious groups would be solved amicably.

It is also said in the declaration that a high level board will be formed which will see any violation of the aforementioned code of conduct and will give its verdict on any of the complaints and will recommend the penalty for the person who has committed violation of the code of conduct.

The faith in Family members of Holy Prophet, His Wives, and His Followers is the part of the faith of all Muslims, adding that the person who has not belief in the aforesaid personalities is not a Muslim, adding that the blasphemy of the aforesaid personalities is also a crime. It is also said in the recommendations that every such speech and writing would be avoided which could harm the sentiments of other faction.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed informed that according to the declaration the committee formed in his chairmanship would announce its structure within 15 days.

Replying a question he said that the secretariat of the council will also be established, adding that the Milli Yakjehti Council is not the parallel body of MMA or Difa-e-Pakistan Council, adding that in the declaration the allied parties of these bodies have been praised. He said that the sectarian issues were reached at the level in country where the need was arise to restore the Milli Yakjehti Council and the representative meeting of the Muslims of the country has been held.


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