Friendly federal front demands withdrawal of domicile law and restoration of special status of JK

Srinagar:  The Nature-Mankind Friendly Federal Front Constituted by Nature-Mankind Friendly Global Party-Babu Singh Founder cum Chairman and  Babar Qadri Advocate-Founder cum chairman Justice Party demanded full  withdrawal of newly introduced domicile law and restoration of special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a joint statement, both leaders said that the partial amendment made by central Government is not acceptable because it doesn’t restore our snatched Identity, dignity, neither addresses our urges and aspirations and doesn’t give any major relief to the people of Jammu-Kashmir State.

The Federal Front and the people of Jammu-Kashmir State will unitedly oppose and resist against ‘Fasist Hard Line and Communal Approach’ of Modi-Led RSS-BJP Govt. The Federal Front further,demandsd the full resotoration of Political Autonomous Special Status of Jammu-Kashmir State, full protection of jobs for original JK Citizens(For Pushtani Bashinday) and full protection of land and resourses for the original Citizens of Jammu-Kashmir State under Autonomous Special-Status, historically given by Maharaj Hari Singh thrugh State-Subject Notification in the year 1927-1932 and the Autonomous Special Status which was inherited by the JK people as a political right based on Instrument of Accassion-26Oct1947, which was (Instrument of Accession 26October1947)Incorporated in the Indian Constitution with the written request of Dr Karan Singh to Constituent Assembly of India.

The Instrument of Accession was a provisional bridge between Jammu-Kashmir and India, subject to ratification of Jammu-Kashmir people.The Article 370 was the reproduction and reflection of Instrument of Accession or reflection of provisional bridge (subject to concurrence by the State Subjects of Jammu-Kashmir), which was senselessly bulldozed and dismantled already eroded (by successives Congress regimes)Special Status of Jammu-Kashmir State, degraded 103 years old State into two Union Territories on 5August 2019, which was a monumental political blunder, which will prove very counter productive.

The Federal Front also demanded the restoration of Permanent Residence Act and Article 35-A, which was duly recognised in the Delhi- Agreement 1952 signed by PM Nehru and PM Shiekh Abdullaha. The Article 35-A was also a reproduction and reflection of Delhi-Agreement-1952.

The Jammu-Kasmir State has been brutely degraded into two Union Territories without the consent of Jammu-Kashmir people and Jammu-Kashmir Assembly. This is a great insult and political attack on Jammu-Kashmir people.The Special Status of JK was also nullified without the concurrence of Jammu-Kashmir Constituent Assembly, which was dissolved in the year 1957.The Constituent Assembly did not recommend to cease the operation of Article 370 during the living period of Jammu-Kashmir Constituent Assembly.incorporated as a mechanism in the Article 370 clause(3).

The Article 370 was a permanent provision duly endorsed by the Supreme Court of India, not temporary provision as wrongly misinterpreted by the govt and home minister, under Reorganization Act which is non-acceptable to the people of Jammu-Kashmir State. The matter is subjudice before Hon,able Apex Court.
The Political Federal Front is of the firm opinion and stand that Jammu-Kashmir is a unsettled historical Trilateral Political dispute among three parties, India, Pakistan and the Jammu-Kashmir People as basic and principal party. The Jammu-Kashmir Trilateral Political Dispute canot be settled and resolved by brutal mishandling, by buldozing, through a hard and communal line, by military means and by further Byfurcating the State.

The Nature-Mankind Friendly Federal Front firmly uphold and demands resolution of Jammu-Kashmir Trilateral Political Dispute on the basis of Trilateral Roadmap through meaningful Trilateral dialogue process (among India, Pakistan and the representatives of Jammu-Kashmir people, on both the divided parts of Jammu-Kashmir) ,which reconciles and harmonize the genuine interests and aspirations of India, Pakistan and Jammu-Kashmir people and acceptable to all the three Parties.

The Nature-Mankind Friendly Federal Front also demanded to accord the Autonomous Special Status for all the Indian States by according Autonomous Special Status and by building pluralistic India into Nature-Mankind Friendly Federal India and firmly rejects the highly Centralized Indian Unitary System or Majortarian Communal Theocratic Model.

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