No issue is potentially as dangerous as Kashmir: Masood Khan

New York: President Masood Khan, while talking to the media networks here, has said that though the United Nations agenda is crowded and is rightly focused on the North Korean nuclear crisis, the ethnic cleansing in Burma, and the UN reforms; Kashmir matters.

“Kashmir is the elephant in the room. No issue today is potentially as dangerous as Kashmir. If India’s appeasement continues, the atrocities in Kashmir do not end and a lasting solution of the dispute is not found, there is a risk that the regional and international order will be unhinged, and unleash an unspeakable horror”,  he said.

The UN must get involved in Kashmir; and it must re-engage, the President said adding that a ‘hands off’ policy based on an artificial neutrality and bilateralisation of the issue is myopic and a blow  to the mandate of the UN itself.

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