OIC Youth Indonesia, NYC Indonesia, and ICYF Asian Representative joins in Solidarity with Palestine in Jakarta 


By: Zaman Bajwa

ICYF Asian Region Representative, NYC Indonesia represented by Mr. Tantan Taufiq Lubis and OIC Youth Indonesia delegation led by President Astrid Nadya Rizqita, Vice President Mr. Suaeb Arifin, and Deputy Secretary-General and Brigade OIC Youth Indonesia Mr. Adlan Al Athori, dr. Sarbini Murad (Mer-C), Ust. Amin Nuroni, Ust. Wahyudi KS, and KH. Umar Rasyid and the tens of national youth organizations and organizations including KAHMI Jaya, Aqsa Working Group, GEMA Mathlaul Anwar, PB GPII, PB HMI MPO, and many others in mass Solidarity for Palestine rally in front of The Embassy of United States of America for Indonesia in Jakarta.

 In connection with the ongoing escalation, NYC Indonesia — OIC Youth Indonesia issued a 13 points statement which is,

  1. Condemn all the brutal acts of the Israeli army against Palestinians in Gaza targeting civilians, children, people’s homes, and other social buildings and even health facilities. The violence and brutal actions of Israeli soldiers are in clear violation of various international law and relevant resolutions.
  2. Appreciate the efforts of OIC member countries including Indonesia in holding Emergency Virtual Meetings at the High Level of the OIC on May 11 and May 16, 2021.
  3. Appreciate the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei who have issued a joint statement as a form of support for Palestine and criticizing Israel.
  4. Appreciate the efforts of OIC member countries in fighting for the voice of truth and coming up with concrete solutions at the 75th UNGA Emergency Session on Palestine.
  5. The response of the Gazans to attack the occupied territory of Israel is their efforts to protect the Al Aqsa Mosque, the first qibla of Muslims and the third holiest mosque. Gazans are trying to divert the Israeli attack on the mosque which is highly venerated by Muslims.
  6. 21st May 2021 morning, at 06.00 WIB or 02.00 in the morning Gaza time, a ceasefire was agreed. The Egyptian government managed to mediate between the two sides and the Israel accepted the Egyptian proposal unconditionally. This morning ceasefire does not mean the end of the struggle of the Palestinian people and Muslims in general.
  7. NYC Indonesia — OIC Youth Indonesia condemned the attitude of the United States Government and its supporters and demanded that they take responsibility for the crimes of Israel for arming them. The United States has also blocked efforts by the majority of UN member states to release calls for a ceasefire.
  8. NYC Indonesia - OIC Youth Indonesia supports the 18 point resolution of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) in an emergency meeting addressing the brutal Israeli attack. However, we also urge the OIC and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), as guided by the Bandung Principles (Dasasila Bandung) to voice out and function more concretely, not producing mere normative resolutions. Not only in responding to the current crisis in Palestine, but also on other issues related to the Islamic world, in this case regarding the liberation of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian independence, being the only state in the Asia-Africa Conference (1955) that is still yet to be independent.
  9. NYC Indonesia — OIC Youth Indonesia appreciates President Jokowi’s statement who stood with many world leaders to condemn the Israeli attack, including the diplomatic efforts of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to garner international support in stopping Israel’s tyranny. However, the recent UN General Assembly Meeting on 18th May 2021 in which Indonesia rejected the resolution on Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and genocide prevention, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing needs to be reconsidered.
  10. NYC Indonesia — OIC Youth Indonesia also appreciates the civic support from communities of various religious and ideological backgrounds across continents. This phenomenon proves that the awareness of the global community is increasingly clear against the only apartheid and colonial entities that still exist in this modern era.
  11. Call on the leaders of Islamic countries and the Muslim community in general that the suffering of Muslims in a place or country is the responsibility of all Muslims as one inseparable body.
  12. Encourage the Indonesian government to appear more advanced and assertive in supporting Palestinian independence as well as condemning the barbaric acts of the Israeli authority.
  13. Muslims around the world are called upon to continue to support and pray for the safety of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.

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